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Weekly Horoscope 02.10 – 08.10

Aries (21.03-20.04)ariesLove

You’ll give off serious vibes this week and others are sure to notice, Aries! A Full Moon in your sign on Thursday will help you make a move one way or another when it comes to the direction of your personal life. The point of this Full Moon is to remind you that you’ve had the power all along. At the same time, however, you’ll want to be mindful of your partner. It’ll be easier than ever to dismiss his or her thoughts and feelings because you’re likely to be deeply wrapped up in your own. Still, this total commitment to self is exactly why you’re in the driver’s seat of your life. Eyes on the road!


This week, you will be able to shine well by hard work and determination. Make yourself cheerful and be energetic in whatever you do, this will do miracles for you. It is a good week when you can anticipate that your desires will get satisfied. The choices that you take will give events in your support. You will have a decent command of your work, and this will enable you to fulfill your undertakings rapidly.


There might be chances for some digestion issues for the week. You should be cautious in your food habits.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You’ve definitely won the jackpot when it comes to romantic possibilities this week, Taurus. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are in overdrive, moving through your 5th House of Pleasure. Not only will they exchange a heated, sexy embrace, but they’ll also invite Pluto to this lusty party, ensuring that whatever you’ve got going on between the sheets with someone is going to be downright transcendental. If you recently started to date someone, this is the week your relationship is likely to turn physical. You are SO ready for this.


You will have the capacity to build better fortunes for the week. Some immediate advantages will be there identified with your wealth. It would be a hopeful week. You will have the capacity to satisfy your desire and be in a position to increase new contacts. Hard work for your profession will bring you promising outcomes. You will pick up appreciation. Advance related with employment will be significant.


Health is said to be good for the week. General health checks up with your doctor is advisable.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


The best thing you can do for your love life is to keep your sweetheart all to yourself this week. That’s right, go into hiding! The two of you will enjoy magical, sexy, warm, and earth-shattering lovemaking potential, but it’s going to get messy real fast if you decide to go out with a few friends first. Skip the socializing this week and snuggle up on the couch together instead. Plan on a few “Netflix and chill” evenings where you’ll see just how fast your bodies heat up. You’ve been warned.


You will do well in work. This will be conceivable because of your positive state of mind. You can strive for earning money by connecting with yourself in stocks/speculations. There is a requirement for you to make some suitable plans. You will see proper fulfillment in the family, support of the family members will be possible. You should take an interest in meaningful pursuits that will help your development and improvement. Speculation projects will be beneficial.


Excellent health will enable you to keep up peace and satisfaction.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Although the way to your food-loving heart may usually be through your stomach, you might branch out and realize that words are just as much of a turn-on this week. You and your partner will have the potential to share conversations that truly strengthen your relationship. Adding to the depth and intimacy you already have will be easy because your mate will want to “go there” with you, exploring any and all of the vulnerabilities you each have. Then you’ll cuddle closely and promise one another that you’ll never abuse the other, but will instead choose to kiss them until they’re all better.


Travel related with work will be feasible for the week. Your vital activities identified with work may face delays. You need the persistence to see progress for the week. Participation in prayers will be helpful for you. More work pressure will be conceivable, the obligation for the week. You can increase significant outcomes by keeping up a better relationship with your superiors.


Health will be average; there might be chances for pain in shoulders and back.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Do you know what’s really going to work you up in matters of the heart? Hearing your lover swoon over how amazing you are when it comes to your ability to use your special talents to get the job done. You’ll find that your sweetie is your biggest cheerleader this week, supporting you fully as you embrace new and exciting work opportunities. Because he or she won’t be whining about you not having enough time for romance, it will actually lead to romance. Being puffed up by the one you love is always a turn-on for you. Lucky for you, Leo, you’ll feel it constantly this week.


The week will bring about changes. You will have the strength to deal with situations and thereby make it positive. Success will come with efforts. There are chances for gains through travel. Job front looks to be satisfying; you will be able to carry the work very efficiently. Good outcomes can be obtained with reliability. You may go for travel linked to your job, this will keep you busy.


The health of your close associate may give you worries. You may need to incur some medicinal costs for the same.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


You’ll ooze so much sexiness this week that it’ll be impossible to miss out on the hot and steamy vibes the universe wants you to enjoy with someone special, Virgo. Venus and Mars are both in your sign, making you gorgeous and passionate all at once. Since the two cosmic lovers will embrace Pluto, now in your pleasure sector, you and your love are sure to reach new romantic heights. This week is going to be so hot in the love department that you might even ignore some of the items on your endless to-do list. Yep, it’ll be THAT good.


It will be a good week, perfect to take important choices. You will be cheerful about the occasions occurring. You will have the capacity to execute your assignments efficiently and get all the more new opportunities. Financial progress will be useful for the week. You may spend cash for valuable purposes.


Health will keep you comfortable and happy. You will possess a positive attitude and it will get reflected on your physical fitness.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


There’s a definite turning point in your relationship ahead. On Thursday, a Full Moon in your partnership sector signals magnified emotions for you and your mate. Sensitive communication that is ruled by the heart rather than by logic might be a key issue that you and your partner have to navigate during this lunation. You want to move forward with a rational decision about your relationship, but your sweetheart is not thinking along the same lines. He or she wants to do what feels right and nothing more. Can you get on board? If not, there might be some trouble.


You can make use of the week for some useful purposes. Success will be possible by hard efforts. It will be good for you to listen to devotional music as this will give you relief. There will be progress in work. Your sincerity and devotion will take you to greater heights. It could be a hectic week, plan your schedules to make good use of your time and energy.


Health will be sufficiently fine for the week.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


The best way to get what you want out of love this week is to tell all your friends what you want. Gather up your pals and let them all know you’re open to being set up with a special someone they feel is a good match. Another option is to hire a personal matchmaker in your area, someone who will take all the guesswork and frustration out of dating for you. What you’ll love most about this is that a matchmaker does the detective work and vets someone before setting you up. You can’t find that on the Internet.


Loss of satisfaction will be possible for the week. You may need to keep patience. You may need to put a lot of endeavors to achieve brings about result in your support. Favorable things may get delayed. You have to work hard as toughness will be conceivable in your efforts. It will be beneficial for you to plan ahead of time.


Skin disturbances may inconvenience you, in this way, it is smarter to stay away from the intake of oily things.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


If you’ve recently started to date someone, it’s possible that this is the week you’ll realize you’ve officially fallen in love. A Full Moon in your romance sector can bring incredible fulfillment your way in love. You and someone you’re dating might decide it’s pointless to keep fighting those sparks between you two. Whether or not you’ve made it to the accepted “third date” won’t matter — what you feel now is powerful. Even if a friend cautions you to lead with your mind, you won’t listen. You’re ready to lead with your heart.


You can make use of the week for improving your prospects and this can be achieved through communication. Communicating with new people will allow you to gain confidence. Business people may find challenges in their projects. Financial growth will be good generally for the week.


Less comfort on the week may have some impact on your health. Meditation techniques like looking at candle-light for a couple of minutes can be practiced. You will feel better.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


There’s something to be said about expanding your horizons and reaching for new experiences with your sweetheart. Embracing an adventure that feeds your mind, body, and soul with your lover can only serve as a powerful aphrodisiac this week, so go ahead and say “yes” to whatever opportunity life throws at you and your mate. If you’re single, be on the lookout for a sexy someone who may come into your life. This person might have a different cultural or religious background than you do. You’ll be intrigued.


You may confront both good and bad times for the week. Including yourself in spiritual matters will give you alleviation and achievement. This is the week for you to build up some valuable new contacts which will support your progress. You may take part in parties. Focus more on your work and this is essential for the week. You are probably going to make a few errors.


You will be OK with your well-being. This will be conceivable because of general peace and strength in life.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Deep, delicious intimacy is yours for the taking this week, Aquarius. You and your partner will have an opportunity to reveal body and soul to one another in a way that you might have never done before in your relationship. If you happen to be going through a difficult time and are in couple’s counseling, the two of you might reach a major breakthrough during one of your sessions. Real healing is possible, and a bond you thought was out of reach can now be restored. There might also be extremely positive financial news connected to a shared investment or your partner’s income. Sweet!


The week will bring you earnings. Imperative choices taken for the current week will give you excellent outcomes. Some of the wants will get satisfied. The week will offer some energizing changes. You should make utilization of the week for making an appeal for yourself. Hard work for your career will bring achievement.


You will live it up and this happiness will keep you healthy.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


You’re in an enviable position when it comes to your love life. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, are dancing in your partnership sector. They will also connect beautifully to Pluto, the planet of depth and transformation. This definitely spells out earthy, romantic potential for you as a couple. In addition to the sexy vibes, however, you’ll also feel practically supported by your lover. Your sweetheart will help you come into your own as you strive to achieve one of your most heartfelt aspirations. How? By reminding you just how powerful you truly are. The faith, love, and sustenance you’ll feel from your mate this week will be remarkable. What a blessing!


You may need to take more endeavors for accomplishing your aims. Change either as far as nature of work or area will be conceivable in the workplace. You may not be exceptionally happy with the work. Financial benefits can be lower than your desires. Handle funds viably to avoid misfortunes.


There are chances for a headache troubling you. You may need to keep yourself cool and relaxed.