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Weekly Horoscope 01.05 – 07.05

Aries (21.03-20.04)


The week starts off with strong emotions running wild Aries! Luckily the Sun is happy to help reign in your thought processes, which will more than likely get you into trouble. Your mind is a little erratic Aries, with multi layers at play here creating a situation that may not even exist. Illusion is real. With a dreamy interaction between the Sun and Neptune, and Vesta moving into fellow fire sign Leo; Dreams are free, but keep it real. Your relationships are coming under heat now, a slow burn holds warm embers and will endure much; but a hot flush can burnout ever so quickly. Make sure you don’t burn yourself Aries. Caution needed this week.


This may be a successful week for you and will give success for your efforts. There may be prosperity in career and gains through new relations, and there are chances for recovering old debts. There may be the delay in the finalization of an interview.


You may have uncertainty in health matters.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


All those fated Love unions are waning now Taurus; let’s hope your soul mate was found during that portal of time, if not do not fare, as the chance to re connect with someone is coming your way. Energetic conversations spark many great ideas. Capture these inspirations as they happen, they’re like bubbles that will disappear. You desire a creative, well presented, passionate equal Taurus, who is just as loyal as yourself. Open your heart to the possibility that two beautiful people may walk into your Life. Choose wisely, as Venus and Mars dance around each other, there is stability in both.


This is a dynamic week for you. There may be criticism at the work location, and you may not get the desired support you in all respects. You have to be proactive and prepare for the worst. People engaged in business activities may face new challenges, and it helps you to build a better future.


You may have health complications relating to head and bones.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Friend or Lover Gemini, that is the Question? Something has shifted, you may be viewing a good friend as more of a potential lover! They always say “Marry your best friend” and for you Gemini this couldn’t be truer. Your focus moved from your working position, which is stable enough, to ‘who am I going to spend my spare time with’. You need a meeting of the minds with those people close to you, anything less and you will get bored easily. There is the potential for real lasting love now, so re think all your options and look at your bestie’s with renewed interest!


This may be a challenging week for you and may not allow you to prosper. There may be obstructions or disturbances insignificant aspects of life. You may be fascinated to acquire own conveyance or residential property.


You may have some health problems this week.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Love; or Self Love in your case this week Cancer. This week starts off with the Moon embracing your emotional side; you could feel a little weepy, but you are also sitting within your own strength. Spend time by the water now to replenish your emotional needs, or turn to your loved one, or good friend to feel ‘fed and watered’. If you are in a main relationship, there have been times when you feel as though that relationship is moving backwards, not forwards! The two big planets responsible for your personal happiness are both in Retrograde motion now, so patience and re evaluating what you need in Life is important. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as this is a transit period that needed to happen and it will soon pass. Solitude is healing for you now.


This may be a supporting week for you and will improve the reputation at work location. You may take important decisions in life and you will get a success after some delay and struggles. People working abroad will enjoy grand success.


You may have minor injuries by the end of this week.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


For a fixed sign Leo, you do love a free spirited lover. Flowing locks, big smile, and wide open spaces along with matching philosophical minds; would suit you just fine. But alas, they seem to be eluding you right now. There is someone in your immediate environment who fits that description, but they need a bit more time to crystalize their intentions. Mid week favours happy personal time, as the Moon is on your side then, along with Mercury, planet of communication ready and fired up to fully express what he wants from Life. Again, you may feel like you are in a holding pattern, but timing is everything and this is a case of ‘Divine Timing’. So be patient.


This may be a prosperous week for you and may give ultimate success in job and business. You may able to control your enemies without much effort. Delay in communications may frustrate you. You may enjoy pleasant life at domestic level. It is a positive time to initiate a search for better opportunities.


Your health will be moderate.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Your Love life is still transforming beyond anything you considered possible Virgo. All of your main love planets are still struggling to find their footings within your Life; maybe your love life has literally taken a back seat to other issues you are contending with. Venus left behind beautiful warm fuzzy vibes in your relationship sector when she danced out of there through the weekend, but now you feel empty. You are trying to deal with pressure around your home environment. Clean until that house sparkles, you will feel so much better as the week progresses, as by Friday the Moon has shifted into gear to make a nice warm aspect to your love zone. Just wait till the weekend, someone has to appreciate your dusting duties, surely!


This may be a testing week for you and may make you argumentative in your outlook. Your efforts for better earning may not yield satisfactory returns and may result in wastage of funds. You should patiently wait for the result rather than get curious.


You will be in a great health.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Love? What Love. Libra’s need Love; it’s engrained in them from birth, but right now there seems to be a romantic drought! All planets lead to nowhere. That will quickly change Libra, you are just not feeling it right now. Start small, what about ‘Date Night’; get out and about with your loved one. If you are single, take yourself out and about, and see who you meet. Get social. Friends matter. Home is not really somewhere you feel appreciated now, so even though this could be an illusion, unless you have that much needed conversation with another, best to socialise away from the tension of others.


This may be a normal week for you and laziness and dizziness may be experienced. There may not be much progress in material life. You may try to spend most of the time at home and for entertainment. Heavy expenditure may be likely this year.


Your health will be great.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


There is a sensual cosmic stitch up between the Sun and Neptune within your Love zones this week Scorpio. Talk about getting what it is you Desire. Well, with this aspect you can have your cake and eat it to. Someone may even spoon feed you! There is a ‘soulmate’ feeling to this alignment, and if you haven’t met them yet, Divine Timing will orchestrate who it is that you are meant to be meeting. You prefer to keep most things private, and this love affair is no different; the rest of the world will meet them one day, but for today and this week you need your quiet time to explore the sensations that this person brings to your Life.


This may be a strenuous week for you. In spite of your best efforts, there may be criticism. You may not be satisfied with your present status. This week is auspicious for success in competitions or interviews and may give interest about knowledge in technical aspects.


Your health will be good.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Love has been rather complicated for you Sagittarius; but this week sees Venus move in to support all your adventures. There could still be an abrupt conversation that should have been had before now. The planets are pressurizing you to speak up or forever hold your thoughts! You know what you want, you are just waiting for the other person to ‘get on the same page as you’. It won’t be long now, as with Venus shifting into her new position in your Lovers Zone, she reconnects with Mars and Fireworks reign! Asteriod Vesta has even joined the party, making a cosy Home & Hearth for you both to retire to. As the week progresses all this tension smooths out and you feel more relaxed.


This may be a profitable week for you, and you may get desirable financial gains. People engaged in agency business may yield maximum gains. There will be a success in negotiation with foreign clients.


You may suffer from headache.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Earth to Earth creates sensual feelings of Love. The current Taurus Sun is projecting warm fuzzies your way Capricorn. If you are single, this is a great week for opening your heart to the possibility of Love. You are cosmically supported now and the planets are providing a safe environment for you to explore all your options. There will be a dreamy interaction between yourself and another within your immediate environment this week. You may feel your soul sing. Stop hiding Capricorn, time to step into the light and allow others to see you shine. All work and no play make for a dull goat.


This may be a peaceful week for you. Most of your previous plans will be executed during this week. Heavy workloads may cause exhaustion. Your practical thinking and experience will play a major role in life.


You may have sharp fevers or injuries.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Mars is injecting some much needed words of affection towards you Aquarius. You may even feel inclined to respond with more passion than you have previously felt. Venus and Mars are doing a happy dance around you at the moment, and when they are in love; there is no denying that ‘Love is in the Air’. Your Relationship sector is also about to get a serious dose of positive karmic glue. This vibration has not been warming up your love life since about 1999! Fated Unions are possible now. This is a marriage, or renewal of a Relationship which needs to be recognised as ‘time worthy’. So Aquarius, Go forth and Conquer!


This may be a supporting week for you and may bless you with innovative thinking. There will be good support and encouragement from superiors. You may be successful in the completion of your tasks.


You should give more importance to health aspects.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


Pisces you start the week off in the flow of Love. Beautiful, gentle, sensitive Pisces you have the Moon on side this week, and with Venus and Mars in a happy bubble, really what could go wrong?! Well, let me tell you the ways! There seems to be some unwanted pressure from outside your happy bubble, which is creating some sore points around you. These niggles can be formulating into aches and pain within your physical body; this will be blocking your romantic intentions. Old injuries may re surface. Why not suggest a soothing body massage to your loved one. That way you get the healing you need, and they feel as though they are included in your recovery period.


This may be a troubling week for you and may give handsome gains but with hard efforts. There may not be a good response for your communications. There may be a delay in the completion of your activities within the stipulated time.


You need to take proper care about health.