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Weekly Horoscope 01.01 – 07.01

Aries (21.03-20.04)

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You’re buzzing this week — and for good reason! On Tuesday Uranus, the planet of eccentric and revolutionary energy, will turn direct in your sign, preparing to plow through the final degrees of Aries over the next few months. This might feel like a jumpstart to your personal engine, but in an extreme way … as if someone put an IV drip into your veins with stimulants. When it comes to love and relationships, it’s possible that an excited urgency will be felt. You might be tempted to make a reckless move in matters of the heart. Don’t. In other news, if you’re in a stable relationship, sex will be off-the-charts amazing on Saturday!.


You will find this week to be a tedious one and you may lose your patience. You need to be well organized and schedule your work. You may need to cultivate more patience. You will experience feelings of being neglected and left alone. You will find job front to be little tough and there will be no cooperation from your colleagues. You may lose some comforts for your hard work.


You may be subjected to colds/cough for the week. It will be good for you to avoid taking cool items.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Expressing your heartfelt emotions will be easy as pie for you this week, Taurus. On Monday a delicious Full Moon in your message sector will help you say exactly what you’re feeling to someone special. This might be the time you and your new sweetheart declare your love for one another. And yes, it might happen during some of the most exhilarating love making you’ve ever had. Go ahead: thank your lucky stars. And enjoy every moment of this cosmic goodness.


You need to put little extra efforts to get things in your favor. So you need to be attentive in carrying out your work. You will find more expenses for the week. Even if you get the money, you will not be able to obtain happiness from the same. You may lose money during travel; it is essential for you to be more vigilant in handling your finances.


There may be chances for digestion linked problems. You will be subjected to colds/cough and this may bother you.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


There’s major excitement in your social life this week, and if you’re in a relationship, you and your sweetheart can expect a happy surprise from one of your pals. This might be a gift, but it can also be an introduction to someone with the ability to help create traction behind a goal you and your partner share. This might also be a perfect week to accept a friend’s offer to match you up with someone if you’re single. Be open to the fact that this setup will be unconventional in some way. Don’t worry: the weirdness will thrill you more than you think.


You will think that it’s intense to deal with your work. Because of expanding work pressure, you may commit errors. You will face some hardships in your job. You need to plan well to make your work easy. You will not be able to utilize money properly. The money will drain out for you, and this may cause worries for you. You will have little money on hand but a lot of expenses. This will keep you worried.


You will find yourself less energetic; you may have pain in shoulders.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Your feelings are paramount on a normal week, but this week, Cancer, they’ll be over the top. Fortunately, you’re not likely to experience mood swings or broodiness that will drive others crazy. In fact, you’ll be in a sentimental mindset, and as a result, your feelings of love will gush all over your sweetie. Your lover, in return, will enjoy all of the adoration and gentle kindness you’re in the mood to deliver. If you’re in a steady relationship, there is a chance, however, that your partner will try to gain the upper hand. If he or she believes that love equals weakness, there might be a problem. Don’t worry too much about it though, because at the end of the day love really does conquer all.


Due to disturbances in your mind you will delay carrying out your activities. There are also chances for you to lose some valuable possessions due to your negligence. You need to make yourself upbeat and hold the great spirit. There will be a loss of comfort for you. You will face unwanted expenses and this may be due to increasing commitments that you cannot avoid.


You will have back pain and pain in legs. This will be because of tensions and worries.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


When it comes to love, this week you’ll have high hopes — and rightly so! There’s an energetic shift that sends an electric lightning bolt of spiritual expansion and openness to you and your lover. Your partner might introduce you to a new philosophy or unique concept that opens your mind in a way you hadn’t expected. The information your sweetheart shares with you will be something he or she is extremely passionate about, and this, in turn, will only make you even more excited about the possibilities of love. Being in a relationship with someone who helps you grow isn’t just a grand idea, it’s a must-have in your world. Lucky you: it seems as if you’ve hit the jackpot.


You need to capitalize on such options and situations to get the best from the week. You will be in a position to deliver your work quickly much before the stipulated time; with this, you will be able to win the confidence of your superiors. Your superiors will appreciate your skills. Your superiors will notice your work and they will feel proud of you.


You will maintain perfect health throughout the week. You will have the courage, and this will keep you in fine form.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Venus, the planet of love and harmony, continues to move through your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure this week, amplifying opportunities for you to experience greater joy in matters of the heart. If you’re single, there might be a chance for you to meet someone new. This person will have an almost business-like demeanor, and will come across as so well put-together that you’ll wonder if there are any flaws at all. Although no one is perfect, this person is absolutely worth getting to know. If you’re in a relationship, pay attention to the sweet vibes Venus will give off to Neptune on Wednesday. Your partner will do something sentimental and endearing, reminding you that heaven is in each other’s arms.


You will feel confident and will achieve higher goals. You will be reaping good returns from the work you will deliver. The excitement in you will enable you to finish the work on time. You will be satisfied with the recognition that you will gain from your work. Your new assignment which will make you overjoyed.


You will have the required strength to keep yourself fit. You will be positive too.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Your love life will not exactly be quiet this week. On Tuesday Uranus, the planet of revolution and chaos, will turn direct in your partnership sector after having been retrograde for several months. This celestial event promises to bring a rapid development in your relationship, and it might come out in the form of an unexpected tantrum from your partner. If he or she does something that’s completely out of character, before you react, step away from the situation and let things marinate for a bit. You might recognize that any unusual behavior from your sweetheart is more about him or her personally and less about the relationship itself. That perspective will help you navigate the situation more effectively.


You may need to rely on your works, improvise your abilities and be more calculative for effective results. You have to keep your mind under control by reciting some mantras. This will give you relief and satisfaction. Make yourself joyous. You will have the feeling that your superiors do not recognize your skills. It will be good for you to plan and spend your money wisely.


You will have pain in thighs and legs. You can make your health better through regular practice of exercise.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


Blending the practical and inspirational components of being in a romantic relationship will be easy for you and your sweetheart this week. In fact, you’re likely to find that the most sentimental gestures you give and receive from one another have to do with handling realistic moments in your day together. This commitment to each other and willingness to share the weight of your mutual world will somehow make life feel less dreary and more enchanting. In fact, you’ll both feel convinced that you’re living your own real-life fairytale.


You need to plan your actions for the week as there will be chances for disappointments. Be more patient and act smartly. You need to avoid taking major decisions. Don’t give room for any temptation as such situations may arise for you. Colleagues may not support you and you will not get the due recognition from your superiors.


You may have difficulty in your mind and this may affect your health. Due to this, you will have pain in shoulders and back. You may develop an itching skin.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


The twists and turns that have defined your love life over the last several years are about to become knottier. This Tuesday Uranus, the planet of sudden events, will turn direct in your romance sector, and will prepare to move full force ahead through this part of your chart over the next few months. As a result, you can anticipate at least one more complete plot twist in your romantic world. The complications from having too busy of a love life now might include more than one romantic choice, or a sudden desire to go in a completely different direction in matters of the heart. Hey, at least your life isn’t a snooze fest these days. Enjoy the action while you’ve got it!


You ought to trust that you will have the achievement and in the long run it will knock your doors. You will discover smooth outcomes from your work. There will be chances for you to spare money. You will be comfortable with the money that you have for the week. There will be scope for you to increase your savings.


You will be in fine form and shape and will be satisfied. You will have good health and an active mind.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Relationship gratification is yours for the taking this week! On Monday a Full Moon in your partnership sector will signal a vital turning point between you and your love. On the one hand, this lunation is incredibly sweet and sentimental since it plugs into gorgeous links with Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This is significant emotional energy that will flow easily. On the other hand, however, this Full Moon will oppose Pluto, now in your sign. In order to benefit from the emotional fulfillment, it looks like you’ll need to get out of your own way first. Stop trying to regulate everything around your feelings. Emotions can’t be controlled — they can only be felt from the heart.


You will have the confidence to convert even tougher tasks into simple ones. You will have blessings of the divine forces. You will be more flexible in your communication with your close kith and kin. You will be earning money through loans and this will be very much required on your part to meet your needs. Your savings potential will also increase.


You will have no health problems and you will keep yourself relaxed. You will feel good.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Keeping your love life under wraps has its rewards. For starters, when you and your sweetheart are caught up in your own little private world, the potential for intimacy reaches heights that simply aren’t possible when you’re broadcasting every tiny detail to friends, family, or social media. This week, you and that special someone not only crave seclusion, you’ll also discover beautiful dimensions about each other that can only be revealed when you each surrender to love. If you’re single, this might be a week when a secret crush is revealed — and reciprocated!


Avoid negative feelings. Plan your course of action to have things your way. You need to cultivate more patience. You may need to shun your unwanted worries to keep yourself active. You should have an attitude for adjusting. By doing this you will be able to see glorious moments. You will not be able to gain more money. You may have to plan and spend money accordingly.


It will be good for you to take things easy and this will guide you to maintain fine health.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


Keeping your love life under wraps has its rewards. For starters, when you and your sweetheart are caught up in your own little private world, the potential for intimacy reaches heights that simply aren’t possible when you’re broadcasting every tiny detail to friends, family, or social media. This week, you and that special someone not only crave seclusion, you’ll also discover beautiful dimensions about each other that can only be revealed when you each surrender to love. If you’re single, this might be a week when a secret crush is revealed — and reciprocated!


You may face tough work pressure that may keep you worried. You may not be able to bring out your activities in a fast manner due to health problems. It will be essential for you to handle your money efficiently. Unnecessarily expenses may come up and therefore it is essential to control your spending.


It will be fine for you to go for some useful meditation practices.

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