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Wedding Registries: The Practical and Fun Items to Include

If you’re newly engaged, then the busy but exciting time of planning your wedding day awaits you. While the actual wedding is a special day, it is just the beginning — your wedding registry is another timeless tradition that helps you kick start your newly married life. According to Business Insider, the wedding registry industry is a $19 billion industry, with people spending hundreds of dollars on each gift for any given couple.

So how do you ensure you make the most of this tradition? Most couples focus on the necessities you need for a new home, and while this is important, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a few fun items to the list. Let’s take a look at some practical ideas as well as those creative and enjoyable suggestions, both of which will make for a great start to married life.

1. Kitchen Essentials

It may seem simple, but stocking your kitchen is a tedious and expensive task. After you’ve furnished it with all the basics, like a fridge, microwave, oven and stove, there are so many appliances and tools that can add to a positive and convenient kitchen experience. Some popular choices include a multi-cooker, knives, food processor, toaster, high-quality pans, french press and mixing bowls, suggests BRIDES.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning products are often overlooked when it comes to wedding registries, as many brides are likely wanting fancier items that enhance their entertainment choices and lifestyle. While most cleaning essentials are relatively cheap and easy to find — broom, sponges, sprays — a vacuum cleaner is that one pricey item, that if purchased correctly, can make a huge difference to the cleanliness of your home. There are so many different styles, so look into what would suit you and your partner best.

3. Bath Towels

The bathroom is another room in the house that may be easily forgotten but needs some practical items to make it look and feel good. Add a quality set of bath towels to your registry, as they can make all the difference to your bathing experience. Make sure you include big bath towels, face towels, hand towels and a floor mat. You could even include two different sets so you have rotation, or add some guest towels for when you and your partner have people over.

1. Full Silverware Set

It may seem like it’s not as fun, but a full silverware set is a great addition to any hosting night. Instead of mixing and matching different silverware, you’ll be surprised how good a full matching set can look, especially when you add it to a beautifully decorated table setting. It’s a great place to start when planning for entertainment and all the future dinner parties you’ll be hosting as a couple.

2. Camping Gear

If you have a full set of camping gear ready to go, then you and your partner can escape for a weekend at a moments notice. Include a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and even some camping attire as part of your registry, as a fun addition for you both to enjoy, The Wanderlust Kitchen suggests. If the idea of sleeping outdoors is not really your forte, then think of something that suits your hobbies — it could be swimming, travel, music or anything that you enjoy as a couple.

3. Nice Luggage

Whether you take it on your honeymoon or keep it for the next trip away, having good quality luggage is always a luxury that makes most trips easier and convenient. Add two solid suitcases to your registry, and even include a carry on for both you and your partner, along with any additional accessories that you may need. Even if you have nothing big planned, it’s a great way to inspire some travel for both of you to enjoy.

Planning your wedding registry is one of the most exciting parts of organizing your wedding. While there are many practical items that you’ll want to include to ensure you have a solid foundation, don’t forget about having some fun by including some items that you and your partner can enjoy together.