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Wear orange and red if you want to get noticed!

The color you choose to wear is important not only because they show your personality, but also show your mood and emotions.

Red. If you want to get noticed by the opposite sex, wear red. This color means sex appeal, passion and the person who wears this color wants to be the leader. A lot of studies show that when a person wears red, that makes him more impressive and more attractive . It is also considered that when women wear red, they send sexual signals.

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Green. If you want to be perceived as a stable person, then wear green.  It’s the color of nature, money and wealth. This color can boost your creativity.

Black. Many choose black, because it’s a safe color.It matches everything and it makes you look thinner. It can bring out some negative feeling out of people and it’s associated with aggression.

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Purple. This color shows that you’re a strong person and you want to be a leader. It’s a combination of two very strong colors, blue and red.

Blue. The color blue comes off as relaxing, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that people feel more comfortable around you when you’re dressed in blue. Wearing blue, shows that you’re open minded, calm and creative.


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Gray. This color is considered to be a neutral color and doesn’t affect on your mood. It’s a good choice, if you want to make an impression of modest and reserved girl.

Orange. If you really want to get noticed, wear orange. This color boosts your mood and means that you’re an emotional and positive person. Have in mind that the extremely bright and strong orange is perceived negatively.

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