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How to Wear Basketball Shoes With Jeans

As you are here, it can easily guess that you are jeans and basketball shoe lover. Now you may think you can’t wear basketball shoes with jeans. But you won’t believe how basketball players have made this shoe to a fashion icon only by wearing with jeans. Yes, you can wear them and trust me you will look cool. This article is a simple guide all about how to wear basketball shoes with jeans. Go through the guide and turn into a fashion star.

A guide to wearing a basketball shoe with jeans:

Basketball shoe and jeans is a beautiful combination only when you can wear it with proper shoes or jeans.  The shoe comes with different shapes than other casual shoes, so you have to figure it out that with jeans will go with this shoe. But if you are confident about your fashion look you may create your own fashion trend. Here is some popular fashion look of jeans for best kids basketball shoes as well as for youth.

  • Pick the right shoe:

Before wearing the basketball shoe, you have to pick the right shoe. You will see the shoe has different design and shapes. The best design is with high tops. With this, you can play and also go for a casual date.

  • Thin jeans:

If you like baggy jeans and want to wear it with the basketball shoes, then pal you have to switch to thin jeans for the better look. Slim jeans help to create a balance between shoe and jeans. But too skinny jeans is not preferable with jeans.

  • Socks:

If you need to wear socks than pick low cut socks. Long socks don’t look good with this shoe.

  • Old is gold:

I know this fashion is old and long gone, but if you start it again you will be the star in your circle. Yes, I am talking about Air Force 1 Hi shoes. They are old and dull look. But you can recreate a fashionable look with simple jeans. Try this look. It is worth it.

  • Show off your shoe:

As we all know a basketball shoe is little expensive than other shoes. So there is no wrong to show off this shoe. Pick a basketball shoe with different colors and pattern. This will attract the audience when you are walking with style. Wear less attractive cloth, the show off will be more specific. Tuck your jeans in the shoe.

  • Color combination:

A basketball shoe is a shoe that has different kinds of colors and patterns. But here are the tips, don’t wear clothes matching the colors. It doesn’t look good. Try simple outfit with this colorful shoes. It will be appreciable.

  • Avoid pin rolling:

There is a new fashion with the basketball shoe is pin rolling the jeans you are wearing. But this doesn’t look good with all sports shoe.

  • Roll jeans:

Though pin rolling is not acceptable, but you roll the jeans end with a high top basketball shoe. Don’t roll too much, it will look odd.

  • No joggers pant:

Joggers pant is not for a basketball shoe. it doesn’t fit with the shoe because of the elastic point.

Popular shoes to consider wearing with jeans:

Now I think you are confused to think which shoes you will go for to wear with jeans. Ok, let me help you.

  1. Technical sneakers:

These sneakers have low top and lace. You will have a classic look if you wear jeans with this shoe.

  1. Classic sneakers:

If you want a casual look with jeans than going for the classic sneakers with jeans. You can go on a date, or friend meeting, outing with this look.

  1. Air Jordan X1:

This shoe is perfect for any look. You can go play with it and also go for a date wearing simple jeans, a matching t-shirt from Illcurrency and a leather jacket.

  1. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG:

The look and the color of this shoe is premium. You can give yourself a fashionable look with a simple outfit with this stylish basketball shoe.

  1. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low:

This shoe is basketball shoe. Your play with this shoe will be fast and safe. You can also go without with this shoe with a simple outfit and normal jeans. As this shoe is colorful, so you don’t need a colorful outfit.

  1. Reebok question:

With this shoe to look good, wear dark color jeans and an athletic jacket. You will be hit.

  1. Air Jordan III:

This shoe is popular for its look and comfortable feature. You can wear simple black jeans with this shoe.

This is the shoes you can select to wear with jeans and look cool in any place you go.

Some quick tips about basketball shoes:

  • Before going for a new style, do some research with that fashion? Because it may not fit for you.
  • Street wear look is the best look with a basketball shoe. It is a good fashion style.
  • Basketball shoes get dirty after some use. You have to keep it clean often.
  • One thing which I don’t like about the basketball shoe is it is a hard shoe. If you can make it little soft by wearing frequently.
  • Try to get a good basketball shoe. It will be best for you.

I never knew there is so much to know about the best basketball shoes ever. Anyway, to look good with a basketball shoe, you have to know how to wear basketball shoes with jeans. Jeans is the popular clothing that man and woman both love to wear. Those who love sports shoe especially a basketball shoe, they can go for jeans with this shoe. Just you have to know the perfect shoe, the style that will go well. Be careful about selecting the shoe or else you will not look good with improper shoe or jeans. Look at yourself and follow the style and fashion who wears jeans with basketball shoe. it will be easy for you to select the perfect style for you.