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Ways to Have Fun with Succulents!

Everyone nowadays seems to be talking about succulents. To help you jump on the succulent craze we created a list of ways that you can have fun with succulents! If you like one of these ideas and want to buy succulents online, check out Succulent Market. They have over a hundred individual varieties of succulents for sale and it is one of my favorite places to shop for succulents.

Here are Five Ways that You can Have Fun with Succulents:

  1. Throw a succulent potting party.
  2. Propagate and grow your own succulents.
  3. Landscape your yard with succulents.
  4. Add succulents to your home.
1. Throw a Succulent Potting Party

A succulent potting party is one of the best ways to have fun with succulents with friends and family. Succulents are gorgeous plants and it is fun to place them in creative arrangements. To throw a succulent potting party you simply need to buy succulents or succulent cuttings, succulent soil, and pots. It’s important to buy well-draining soil. When you throw your succulent potting party you can layout the soil, pots, and succulents and you, your friends and your family can easily create their own succulent arrangements. All they have to do is to fill a pot with soil and place the succulents or succulent cuttings in the soil. After the succulents will grow roots and establish in their pots. A succulent potting party is truly a creative and easy way to have a great time with friends and family.

2. Propagate Your Own Succulents

Another fun way to have fun with succulents is by propagating and growing your own succulents. One of the most fun things about growing succulents is seeing something grow that you have personally cared for and planted. Luckily propagating succulents is incredibly easy. To propagate succulents buy succulent cuttings online or cut your own succulent cuttings from a succulent that you already own. It’s important to know that when you cut your own succulent cuttings to cut as far down the stem as possible. After getting your succulent cutting place the cuttings in the soil. It is important to not water your succulent after placing it in the soil. As a general rule of thumb, do not water a newly planted succulent cutting for two weeks and do not expose your succulent cuttings to direct sunlight. After following these steps just wait and see your succulent cuttings grow roots and establish themselves in their pots. Its truly a joy watching your own personally planted succulent grow and thrive.

3. Landscape with Succulents

A great way to have fun with succulents is to use succulents to design your yard or patio. Succulents are beautiful plants and each succulent has a unique color and shape. Use these unique colors and shapes to creatively design your yard. Succulents are great plants to use when landscaping your yard because they’re not only beautiful but also drought tolerant. Succulents rarely ever have to be watered or cared for. This makes succulents the ideal plant for any yard or landscaping project because you’ll have a great time creating something beautiful, while also creating something beneficial to you and the environment.

4. Garden with Succulents

At a time then we have to spend more time than ever at home, you can use succulents to have fun by using succulents to garden. Many people garden because it is seen as a therapeutic way to relieve stress, be out in nature, and feel a greater connection to the earth. By gardening with succulents, you can add something new, beautiful, and fresh to your garden, while having a great time.