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Ways to Boost Your Immune System

No matter the time of year, it’s important to keep the immune system in top condition. From allergies in the spring to colds and flu in winter, we’re bombarded from all sides by pesky viruses and bacteria that make us sick. While the verdict is still out on just how lifestyle affects immune system functionality, most doctors agree that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t hurt.


We all experience stress. There’s the boss who’s constantly on our backs, the kids who always need something, the bills to pay and the other obligations that keep us running from the time we get up until we finally collapse into bed at night. However, to remain healthy, it’s important that we also schedule time to unwind and let the pressures of the day go because the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced when stressed. Highly stressed people are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such a drinking and smoking, to deal with the stress, which only further depletes the immune system.


Exercise is another way to keep your body healthy. In addition to helping relieve stress and maintain a healthy weight, there are theories that exercise also helps prevent infection. The rise in body temperature from exercising may prevent the growth of bacteria; this may help the body fight infection better. Dancing in the bedroom or taking a quick walk after dinner are both effective ways to get your heart rate up and relieve stress in the process.


With our busy lifestyles, it’s often easier to stop by the local fast food place for dinner rather than cooking. As an occasional treat, there’s nothing wrong with this, but one of the most important aspects of keeping your immune system healthy is what goes into your body. A variety of fruits and vegetables, seasoned with immune-boosting herbs like garlic, will make the time it takes to cook dinner worth it because your body will have the nutrients it needs to maintain its defenses.


For times when life just won’t let you be healthy, high-quality supplements can come to the rescue. These can’t provide all the nutrients you need, but they can help. Whether it’s an extra boost of vitamin C during flu season or a few extra minerals because peas are just gross, finding a trusted source, such as Amway, to provide the additional nutrients can give your immune system that extra push. It’s important, however, to check with your doctor before beginning any long-term supplement regimen, and be sure to follow dosage instructions.

Staying healthy in today’s world can be difficult, but it’s important to take care of yourself throughout the year. Stress management, diet, exercise and supplements can ensure that you’re in top condition no matter what life throws at you.