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The Only Way to Explore Turkey at its Best: Sailing Along the Turkish Coast

Luxury yacht charter Turkey is the ultimate way to enjoy Turkish coast with your friends and your family. Exploring bays, islands, islets, peninsulas, as well as lively, crowded, or more relaxed Turkish towns – all of this is available with a single yacht charter Turkey.

The various number of cultures that left their marks all around the Turkish coastal towns is a truly profound reason to choose Turkey as a sailing destination this year.
If you are wondering how it looks like to sail through the Mediterranean -the answer is simple: expect a laid-back vibe and an atmosphere that will leave you speechless. Before you start daydreaming about the scenery of the Turquoise coast…

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When it comes to Turkey, our yachts to choose from vary from smaller and budget yachts to some more luxurious choices – the decision is up to you. With few simple clicks – the yacht you will spend the most amazing holiday ever, will be yours for the upcoming holiday.

Make the most out of your Turkish chartering holiday: cuisine, beaches and picturesque views

While you probably already heard about the best of the Turkish cuisine – the doner kebab, as well as the famous delight – baklava, don’t be surprised if you catch up some pretty uncommon sea food while wandering through the numerous traditional restaurants. The swordfish, the red mullet and the tasty sardines are something you just must try before getting on board and sailing to the next Turkish destination.

Turkey is a home to about twenty thousand unique animal species and sailing is probably the only way to see and even take a photo of many of them – one more proof that you made the right decision choosing Turkey as your sailing holiday destination.

The beaches in the various parts of the Turkish coast go from beautiful to simply adorable. There can be no wrong choice for an all-dayer at some wonderful sandy beach, but if you ask an experienced Turkish tourist – they would say: Patara, a 20 kilometers long sandy beach located at the Fethiye area. While this is probably Turkey’s finest, Oludeniz at Fethiye; Side, Kemer, Olimpos beaches at Antalya region as well as the whole Bodrum peninsula will be just enough to leave you speechless, but still leave some few more for the next visit in Turkey.

When speaking of that camera shots you long-prepared for, you won’t get disappointed. The wonderful views that contrast the turquoise color and the white sandy beaches or the forests around – are just few of the views that your camera will love to catch. The Fethiye region itself will offer you numerous hidden bays that are just made for a total mind and body healing. After all, yacht charter Turkey is an idyllic way to get creative and find your unique way to enjoy this wonderful coast. Once you settled in Turkey – the list of wonderful stops to anchor are next to endless.

Wishing you an unforgettable trip!