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Warm Water or Cold Water: What to Drink and When

Water is life and extremely important to consume daily for hydration and all metabolic processes. The important question here is does it matter whether the water we drink is cold or warm? Cold water is water that’s a few degrees lower than room temperature and warm water is water that’s 4-5 degrees warmer than the average room temperature. It’s never advisable to drink either extreme of icy cold or very hot water.


When To Drink Cold Water

During Training

During any exercise your body temperature rises and your body tries to cool itself by sweating, therefore depleting fluids. Slightly cooler water is advisable while exercising since it serves a dual purpose to both hydrate and cool down your body at the same time. Try to avoid almost frozen and icy cold water.

If You Have a Fever

Drinking cold water is one method to control fever and high temperature. Consuming adequate water helps the body fight against bacteria and infections. Add some lemon and sea salt to regain the lost electrolytes.

When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Cold water improves your metabolism and will help you lose 70 more calories daily since the body requires more energy to change its temperature. Although drinking only water alone will not allow any significant weight loss, consistency along with a great diet and exercise will improve your results.

When To Drink Warm Water

When You Have Digestion Problems

Drinking warm water in the morning will improve your digestion during the day. If you drink cold water after eating, digestion will be delayed and more labored so warm water after meals is always the preferable choice.

During Detox

If you want to cleanse your body, start with a glass of warm water and lemon. You can also use cinnamon, cucumber, mint because they help detoxify the body.

When You’re In Pain

If you’re struggling with a headache, sometime it’s better to drink a glass of warm water because of its effect on improving blood flow. Warm water can also be helpful for women who suffer from menstrual pain.  If the headache is cause by vasodilation of blood vessels (widening of blood vessels) then cold is the best choice.  You’ll get to know what type of water works best for certain type of headache pain through trial and error.

Also drink lemon water in the morning for overall health and vitality!