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Want To Try Something New in The Bedroom? Key Ways to Make It Fun

Many couples are looking for a way to try something new in the bedroom but are hitting a dead end when it comes to creativity. For some people, it may be rooted in the fact that, well, society doesn’t openly talk about sex, making it hard to know where to start when things get a bit stale. Therefore, you may be wondering how you can make a subject that many people still see as taboo more fun. Here are some things to try out and have fun with.

Look Online Together For Ideas

The internet is the first place people go to when they are looking to buy things or explore ideas. Luckily, it is also choc-a-block with websites dedicated to exploring your sexuality with your partner, buying items like sex toys, and even taking a kink test if you want to try something a bit kinky! So, have a look online for sexy quizzes or websites which can provide you with some new bedroom ideas and have a laugh together.

Buy Books

When you want to spice things up in a fun way, you may think that the answer is online.

Technically, it can be, but couples have been looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom for long before the internet, meaning that the best option is often to get a book. The Karma Sutra is the obvious choice, but books by sex therapists can also be helpful. The always relevant ‘Hot Sex’ by Tracy Cox is a great addition to any lover’s bookshelf and is also fun to read together.

Buy Adult-Themed Games

When most people think of adult games, they think of something like strip poker.

While that is fine for fans of card games, there are many other sexy adult games that you can buy. There is the take on the famous board game Monopoly, aptly named Sexopoly, as well as Tease or Please and Talk, Flirt, Dare. All of these should have a fun ending, and luckily, the rules aren’t complicated.

Go Shopping Together

Adult shopping can be a lot of fun. In most city centers, or even large towns, there will be a couple of adult-themed shops for the pair of you to explore, and if you have an outgoing personality, it can be a lot of fun. The benefit of shopping in person is that it allows you to see what you are buying and to, of course, giggle about it together. Additionally, browsing through the various items can spark some amusing conversations and perhaps even lead to discovering new aspects of your relationship. You can also try to discover some from online adult shops such as lingerie, games, or buy rabbit vibrator at Lelo, or from other reputable sources, which can bring a sense of shared adventure and create lasting memories that you’ll both cherish.

Book An Evening

OK, so this is where the adult world crashes into all of this! For many people, it is hard to juggle all of the responsibilities of life, such as making sure that the kids are OK, that work is going well, and that all of the bills are paid. Although it can seem a bit, well, grown up to book this kind of time together, for many couples, it is essential to do so. Why? Well, because that way you won’t be disturbed, and you can fully enjoy yourselves. The obvious option is to go out to a hotel, but if you can’t do that, then ask a family member to take the kids to their house and enjoy having the house all to yourselves.