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Walking Gallery, Paso Gallery

Paso Gallery is derived from the Spanish term ‘Paso’, which means ‘Step’. Paso Gallery aims to be the point of intersection between fashion and art industries, and become the ‘Walking Gallery’

Individuals who wear the Paso Gallery are the medium(media) of the artwork.

They act as a ‘Frame’ that exposes and delivers the artwork to the subconscious minds of the random observers.

Hereby, Paso Gallery awakens the artistic inspiration of random observers to activate their visual receptivity in an unconscious state, and we vision to create a new market for artists by positioning our brand in to the intersection between fashion industry and art industry.

Now, Paso Gallery is expanding to NFT field by utilizing the technology in order to build the new form of collector’s community. Fashion will be the key.

Paso Gallery Season 2023

The New Canvas

Paso Gallery seeks to create new canvas, i.e. a new medium to embody new creative works.

In the “The New Canvas” season, the process of rebirthing fashion goods through AI and NFTs will be shown.

Paso Gallery will present step-by-step firstly the ‘experience’ of the creators for the consumers of art, and then that a ‘role’ that fashion plays is as another medium for embodying a creative work.

  1. The new art medium (About Experience, this pre-collection)

Paso Gallery recommends that all consumers of art to become the ‘creator’, i.e. the artist, and provide a self-developed web-based AI prompt so that the audience can consume their own artwork embodied onto the novel canvas that is fashion. This embraces the view that, to understand the value of “creative work”, one must become a creator themselves.

AI will become a ‘new tool’ to create new art. Currently this is achieved through ‘language’ prompts, therefore AI will be a new tool in aiding creative artwork beginners in visualizing their imagination. Paso Gallery provides a tool (www.pasogallery.vercel.app) for everyone to visualize their symbols and representations through word prompts onto Paso Gallery merchandise, thereby allowing one to purchase a ‘wearable canvas’.

  1. Collector’s Line (About Function)

Original works by Paso Gallery since 2021

The focus of this season is the technological embodiment of the values of original works onto fashion goods, rather than the translation of original works as was the previous season’s focus. **

Paso Gallery embraces the values of original works through NFTs. Hoodies, sweatshirts from the ‘Collector Line’ have captions of an artwork printed on, and rubber patches with chips that contain the NFTs of printed works.

Through this, they can create a digital gallery that solidifies the value of original digital works, thereby forming a novel method of curating NFTs. Furthermore, the NFT chips can be used as an entry ticket to events and venues that befit the characteristics of the digital artwork, revealing the intention of specializing in the advantage of building communities.

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