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Vinyl Stickers

Today, interior design is quite popular, and this is not surprising. After all, everyone tries to make their home more comfortable, more stylish, more refined. When planning to create a home interior, it is necessary to take into account that there is as much free space as possible. In addition, special attention should be paid to the functionality of the space and the environmental friendliness of the materials used. An important role is played by the decoration of the walls. In recent years, vinyl stickers the began to be in great demand. Due to the fact that such stickers give a certain zest, they can decorate interiors from scratch, or decorate old interiors.

Cutting technology

In fact, cutting a sticker with a cutter is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

1) First of all, the drawing is being prepared. In this case, you will help any vector graphics editor, the most popular are CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator;

2) The vinyl, is inserted into the cutter, and the pressure rollers are lowered. It is important to set the material with a vinyl film upwards and a substrate downwards. Then the necessary pressure of the knife is set (one of the most important settings, allowing you to cut any thickness and material), its initial position, the place from which the cutter will begin to cut the sticker. And only then, the file from the computer is sent for cutting.

3) At the end of the assignment, you need to remove the loose ends of the film, in other words, make a selection;

4) The image cleared of unnecessary parts is transferred to a transparent “assembly” film, and from there to any surface.

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Application area

Stickers from the vinyl long ago proved to be on the market of materials. Every year, constantly improving their choices, they opened up new possibilities and scope, which today cover the following groups:

✓ Decorative interior accents (furniture elements, walls);
✓ Advertising design (shop windows, signage, roadside signs). This allows you to notify visitors about ongoing promotions, to report on regular discounts, to easily and simply decorate the sales area for the holiday, and so on;
✓ Registration of a different type of transport. They not only protect the surface of the car from minor damage (scratches) but also give a unique look.

The sign of the paid parking and the pointer of the correct way of parking made of a black

Main advantages and disadvantages of vinyl

This list goes on and on, but the main advantages still need to highlight.

+ Moisture resistance;
+ UV resistance;
+ Resistance to fading;
+ Wide selection of colors;;
+ Easy and simple use;
+ Long operational life;
+ Relatively reasonable price;
+ High quality.

Despite the fact that there are no flaws as such, one small nuance everyone should know – Thin layer. Therefore, it is impossible to remove from the surface without breaking or leaving a stain, but this will directly depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the film itself;