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Victoria’s Secret Made a Terrible Photoshop Mistake- “She Doesn’t Even Look Normal”

The most famous lingerie brand “Victoria’s Secret” sparked a lot of controversies for their photoshopped image. People were shocked by the bad Photoshop used in the photo and many women even claimed that they would never again buy lingerie from a brand that photo-shops the already skinny models.


“Why can’t they just leave the photos as they are? It’s OK to remove a big scar or a pimple but they’ve taken it too far,” commented one of the women who saw the photo.

“This girl is missing her left butt cheek and a part of her right arm.”

Victoria’s Secret already has a bad rep for using too much Photoshop on the models. Although they’re extremely famous for their gorgeous looking angels, customers don’t approve the way they use Photoshop.

Their bad Photoshop just makes them lose more customers since customers no longer believe what they see.

“They’ve really taken this too far. Not even their angels can have bodies like that one on the photo. People now know that they’re looking at a photoshopped body,” explains a marketing professor from the University of South California.