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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Vaping is the newest trend in the society and is gaining popularity rapidly. In spite of this people have many doubts regarding its efficiency and safety. people who are into the traditional way of consuming herbs convince that vaporization produces weak effects. On the contrary, it is totally different. Vaporization is the best way of absorbing healing substances from dry herb vaporizers as compared to smoking. There is a different opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of vaping and smoking. Below we give a guide to compare how vaping is a better option than smoking.

1. You can choose from tons of different flavors

Vaping gives you a chance to bring change in your smoking patterns. You may love the flavor of your cigarette but a change is always welcome. The coolest feature about e-cigarettes is that you can choose from many different flavors. From choosing a flavor depending on your mood for the day to the flavor that matches similar to your actual cigarette you have numerous options. Hard, light, fruity, minty all kinds of options are available to you.

2. You save money

A regular smoker has to experience the cost of their habit. Buying cigarettes are not cheap and is expensive in the long run. People who do not want to quit smoking but are looking for ways to cut down on their smoking costs are switching to e-cigarettes. It may have an initial lump sum expenditure when you buy an e-Cigarette, charger and other necessities. Once this initial cost is handled you can save on a lot of money which you wasted on buying cigarettes. It is a good way to enjoy your hobby in a very low and effective budget.

3. It does not have the same smell

Once you start using vape instead of cigarettes one major change that you will notice is that they do not smell the same. Smoking a cigarette can be a smelly affair. People who smoke regularly may hate the smell of cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes come in a more pleasant smell and do not linger for a very long time.

4. Enjoy it in more places

Cigarette smoking is not allowed publicly. There are many restrictions while you smoke. E-cigarettes can be enjoyed in a lot more places even if there are some places where its use is restricted.

5. Tobacco smokers report improving health after switching to vaping

About 91% of smokers switch to e-cigarettes have reported improved health. Most of them are off chronic cough. E-Cigarette users perceive health benefits by changing from smoking to vaping. Health benefits may not be the same for everyone and may vary from person to person.

6. Vaping is more socially acceptable

The perception of smoking a cigarette is now a negative aspect in the society and restrictions surrounding cigarettes are at an all-time high. Vaping is considerably gaining popularity and is much more acceptable in the society. You can confidently vape without being judged as an unhealthy and irresponsible human being.

7. Vaping is a perfect transition to smoke-free life

Electronic cigarettes give heavy smokers an opportunity to continue the act of smoking without actually inhaling any smoke. Vaping gives you the opportunity to select an exact nicotine strength which can be gradually lowered over time and helps you lead a smoke-free life. Vaping can be said to be a perfect bridge to smoking cessation which has been scientifically confirmed. According to researchers 25% who have switched to vaping have quit smoking completely after using e-cigarettes and cut down to 50% of the tobacco use.

8. No Tar

When you burn plant material, ashy, sticky tar is created. If you use a smoking device with some sort of cotton filter, you might notice that it very quickly turns black. Filters are not used at all when smoking, leaving black residue ends up inside your lungs. This can cause irritation and might contribute to the lung infection. Vaporizers heat cannabis material letting the tar stays out of your lungs.

9. Reduced aging

No joke, switching to a vaporizer can help you look better. Exposure to smoke accelerates aging. Smoke has elements that can increase the facial fine lines and wrinkles. In vaporization, skin is exposed to less environmental toxins and reduces your exposure to smoke which keeps your skin healthy.

10. Reduced lung damage

Studies say that smoking causes visible and microscopic damage to lungs resulting in chronic symptoms of bronchitis. Vaping decreases the chances of such hazards.Be it vaping or smoking, both are injurious to health. One has to decide how to face the consequences and come over it.

So get going to make healthy choices in life for a healthy living.