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Useful Tips For Properly Adjusting Zero Gravity Chairs

You can call best zero gravity chair as a specific recliner which comfortably lifts your legs to nearly the similar level as the chest. The chair is so comfortable that it allows the person to accept a lightly curved supine position. The position reduces the pressure put on the spine, adding an extra level of comfort. It works best to reduce the pressure put on the lower back’s lumbar area.

The basic idea of adjusting your Zero Gravity Chairs:
  • You may wonder that how to adjust zero gravity chair properly. But whatever may be the position you prefer, the adjustment settings of this chair is important.
  • This is due to the fact that improper adjustment of this chair will lead to an uncomfortable seating position.
  • The process to adjust and use this chair is simple as it only involves opening, folding and reclining, but there are many other adjustments to take care of.

Below discussed are the useful tips to comfortably adjust your zero gravity chairs.

Ways to adjust your Zero Gravity Chairs.

Have a look at discussed tips for its proper adjustments:

Tips to Recline the Zero Gravity Chair:

You may want to recline while you are sitting on this chair. For that, the useful tip is as below.

  • First place your feet on the lower crossbar and then apply slight force to push it upwards at Crossbar.
  • At the same time, you have to push your seat at backward side with a slight force.
  • After this is done in the proper position, you can move the locking lever towards the down side to the locked position.
  • Now, you can lean back and then drive the footrest bar towards upwards and forwards position.
  • Also at the same time till this chair reclines to your required position.
Tips to lock and unlock the Zero Gravity Chair:
Follow below tips for adjusting locking of the chair.

1. After reclining is done as above, flip the locks towards upward till they are firmly locked into place.

2. Now, you can move the weight a little to make sure that the chair got locked.

Follow tips for adjusting unlocking of the chair.

1 .For unlock purpose, unlock both the locks by pressing down near the ground.

2. After the locks got released, you need to press downwards through the help of your feet on the footstool in order to return to an erect position.

Replacing the lacing to know how to adjust zero gravity chair:

Zero gravity chairs make use of synthetic lacing for connecting the panels of the chairs to the elements of the frame. The lacing holds the weight of yours, so it expenses as time passes.

Below are the steps to follow for interchanging the lacing regularly after some years for keeping the chair in working condition.

1. By use of a lace replacement kit, the zero gravity chair owners must initially decide where every lace component goes on this chair.

2. Next, you must replace the damaged out lace directly from the body of the chair by cutting the lace under the plastic cap.

3. When you have removed the old lacing, chair owners must introduce the new set of laces to the main eyelet or border catch from the front.

4. After that, you must drag the lacing stiff which must not to be tight, towards the chair frame.

5. Now snap on the plastic cap which is involved in the lace kit.

6. For finalizing the process, you must flatten any extra slack within the lace by changing it by the holes

Repairing Tears or Holes in the Upholstery
  • It is also important to properly adjust regarding holes or tears in the upholstery.
  • The upholstery of this chair may show any signs of wear and tear.
  • The wear can be in the manner of tears, holes, or stains.
  • To adjust the wear and tear, you can buy upholstery covers for matching the original color, pattern, and material.
Adjusting the patches:

1.There are few patches that are self-adhering and they can easily be cut to adjust well.

2.On the other hand, some other patches need attachment through a fabric or through glue.

3.Properly adjusting tears or holes in this way help to best support the weight of your body to decrease pressure placed on your ribs and spine.


Now, your confusion regarding how to adjust zero gravity chair would be almost zero after reading above. When properly adjusted, the chairs provide the best comfort and relieve you from any body aches. These chairs are convenient for people of different ages, fitness levels, as well as health conditions. However, they are a remarkably good seating choice for elder, ill persons or even for those who face issues from spine or back.

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