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Use These Tips to Make Your Living Space More Versatile

Having a comfortable living space is so much more than just keeping it clean and organized. If you’re somebody who wants to be just as social in your apartment as you are alone, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with ways to make it versatile as well. Making sure your apartment is truly versatile is a great way to make sure that you have ample room to re-arrange for any type of situation. However, when looking at all of the market’s options for different types of furniture, it can feel difficult to know just where to begin! On top of this, what if you don’t feel like such a creative person?

This is why we’re here to help—to make sure that your apartment is sufficiently versatile, we’ve made this list of Tips to Make Your Living Space More Versatile:

#3. Use Cubed Shelves

When making sure your apartment is versatile, it’s important to have shelves that you can deconstruct and reconfigure at a moment’s notice. This is why we love to recommend having cubed shelves, as they are often the best way to keep your options open. For example, one need not look further than the many different options at IKEA to understand that there are a large variety of different cubed shelves.

If we were to pick one option to recommend, we would recommend something small and stackable. Not only can you use these types of shelves to store books, but you can also dismantle them and use them to hold shoes if company is coming! These shelves are also very easy to clean, allowing you to clean them depending on what they were previously used for (i.e. shoe shelves).

#2. Have a Removable Bed

There’s truly nothing like a spontaneous sleepover! This is it’s always recommended that you have a removable bed. For those who are unaware, a removable bed is a bed that is hidden within a couch. All you have to do to take out the bed is to remove the cushions and pull it out! This is an essential piece of versatile furniture that allows you to change the layout of a room within minutes.

#1. Use Moving Casters

Though they might seem like an unrelated decorating category, moving casters can actually be quite effective for having a versatile living space. With casters for moving, you can place any of your furniture on top and simply push them around for ease. There is also a great selection of casters for moving in the market, giving you a good variety to choose from. It is important, though, that you get moving casters that you can secure furniture to and lock in place once you’re done moving. If you aren’t careful with which model you get, you could have a potential accident, so be careful! Whether you’re shopping in person or online, speaking with the manufacturer is always a great way to ensure that the product you’re looking into is safe.

Having a versatile living space makes it possible for you to host a party, host a traveling friend or take a solo night in with little to no effort! Are there any of our tips that you’re looking forward to trying? What about some that you already use? Let us know what you think!