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Unlocking The Freedom To Work For Yourself

The constant demands of the workplace and a lack of appreciation can often act as an inspiration for many people to try something different. In the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are working for themselves instead of an outside company. A lack of loyalty, poor compensation and unrealistic expectations have pushed many people to try it on their own.

Regardless of your education or work history, it is never too late for a change that can positively improve your quality of life. Stop sacrificing your peace of mind by working hard to watch someone else’s dreams come true. Learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification can lead you on the path towards self-employment and higher job satisfaction.

With nearly 50% of the workforce being women, it is important to continue to inspire and empower professional women to create their own businesses. It doesn’t have to be an international-level success, but having a skill or a talent that you can turn into a profitable business is plenty for many people.

For those that have an artistic talent or an interest in the beauty industry, Beauty Courses Online can get you trained and on your way to working as a private contractor in the industry. The beauty industry is one of the largest in the world, and having a certified skill can be your ticket to independence in the workplace. Take a look at some of the most popular jobs that women are expanding into.

Face & Body Waxing

Work as an independent contractor or as a member of staff for a spa or salon. Learn to apply wax mixtures for hair removal on both women and men. Practice your technique on every part of the body and work with clients to meet all of their needs. Getting waxed can be an awkward and uncomfortable business, so having a gentle and kind rapport with clients is a must.


From a basic cleaning and polish to custom nail designs, as a manicurist you can use your artistic flair to express yourself. Work with clients on everyday looks, designs for special occasions, or weddings. If you have a social nature, this may be a good fit for you. Many clients enjoy a chat while getting their nails done.

Massage Therapist

You can work as an independent therapist or as part of a spa or salon. Learn all of the massage techniques that can help heal and comfort your patients. If you have a caring nature and are looking for something more physical, this may be a career to consider.

Facial Technician

In many cases, a facial technician will work as part of a larger clinic. Although you can be qualified to work independently, the cost of specialized equipment can be expensive, so you may want to start as part of a larger clinic team. Apply different anti-aging serums and treatments for skin repair while helping clients relax and enjoy the spa experience.