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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 40

Age, they say, has no number, but at the end of the day at the start of a new decade for women is when lifestyle changes and priorities begin to shift, especially when they reach 40.

On reaching this milestone, women often feel and think differently than when they were ten years younger, for a slew of reasons. A new kind of confidence emerges which is extremely satisfying across all facets of life.

Picking a gift, therefore, for someone at this ripe age, should be something which emulates this newly-achieved spirit. Each of the gifts selected below are thoughtful and we promise you that they just won’t sit idly on the mantelpiece.

Monthly beauty subscription box

If you really want to pamper someone who has just turned 40 then give her a monthly subscription beauty kit. They comprise some great beauty and makeup products that can also be customized as per the taste of the user. The box contains eye shadow of your choice,a nourishing body lotion and soothing sorbet. In case the recipient does not like the gift, which is highly unlikely, the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

If you want to give this gift to a colleague and want everyone to chip in, use this gift collection online option. This will allow everyone to chip in easily for a personalized hamper.

Long-distance friendship lamps

She may be your best friend through childhood and the teenage years, but ultimately marriage or change of workplace keeps you apart. To show your 40+ friend that you still miss her, get this lovely long-distance friendship lamp for her and keep one for yourself. This is a fascinating way to communicate with her via the internet just by placing the palm of your hand on one and the other one will light up. Simply add the WiFi address and you can reach out to your friend whenever you miss her.

Swing chair

If you want to remind your childhood friend of the days they had fun on the swings in the garden, then send her this gorgeous handmade swing chair made by skilled artisans, the day she turns 40. Place at in the garden or on the balcony and she will think of you every time she swings on it. Moreover, the swing can be easily folded when not in use.┬áIf you’re looking to create a truly nostalgic ambiance in her garden, consider adding a touch of nature with beautiful lavender rose bushes planted nearby. The soothing aroma and vibrant blooms will surely transport her back to those cherished childhood memories while she enjoys the gentle sway of the swing chair on warm summer days.

Digital photo frame

This is just the right gift for a woman who has just turned 40 and is dying to see the pictures you want to share with her. Any number of people can simultaneously view these photos at the same time via the built-in app. Plus the phone has unlimited photo storage so you can send as many pictures as you want. The frame crops and positions the photo automatically for a seamless viewing experience. Users have heaped praises on the digital frame and the easy setup.

Hair dryer brush

A good hair dryer brush will seriously make her morning routine much simpler, given that she has just turned 40. Not only does it dry the hair quickly, but it also gives a unique shine and smoothens the hair. This gorgeous one-step brush is designed to deliver volume and brilliant shine to the hair in one single step. Boosted by the best technology, it makes hair dry fast and with no damage, since it distributes the hair evenly and style faster for minimum heat damage.

Crossbody bag

A good quality crossbody bag comes at a price, but the quality and durability of the leather will warm the heart of the receiver. She may be 40, but she can carry it anywhere from shopping errands to night out with the gang. The bag may look small, but it is surprisingly roomy and can be carried in two ways, by the handle or detachable shoulder straps. It has an external pocket for things you want to put in or get out fast, plus an inner zip pocket for keeping car keys, wallet or phone.

Silk sleep mask

If you want to help your friend who has just turned 40 with optimizing her sleep routine then a silk sleep mask is highly recommended by one and all. Available on the Nordstrom app for $50, the plush mask is a true bedtime essential as it is perfect for blocking any kind of light, be it your reading lamp or the LED above your bed frame. The mask is a game changer for the person who requires total darkness for a good night’s sleep. The silk fabric is gentle on the eye and unlikely to absorb any skincare product or serums you may be using.

Scented candle

Women in their 40s will simply love a scented long-lasting candle which is sure to eliminate stress and help calm the senses. The fragrance is a mix of moss, lily of the valley, tuberose, cypress, cedar and sandalwood, unlike anything you may have smelt before. A good scented candle is made of fragrances of the highest quality and vegetable wax. Each candle has sixty hours of burn time.

Multi device charging station and dock

Wish your friend who has just reached the 40s milestone with this eco-friendly multi device charging station, which is just perfect for charging and storing any electronics. If she works from home or likes to keep her phone, laptop or e-book reader beside the bed, this present should rank high on the list. Moreover, the product will help her to stay organized.

Neck massage pillow

This is a best selling product these days and it is not hard to see why. The neck massage pillow is great, not only because it is portable, but relaxing as well.You can easily take it from room to room or carry it on a trip. At $40 it is a wonderful present to give or buy for yourself.

Mayberry slippers

Which woman would not love to have a good pair of slippers and a few come as good as the plush pair from Mayberry. The snuggly pair is available in a variety of colors and makes a perfect treat for someone who is 40. For $70, they are worth every penny and moreover are great to wear around the house as the insoles are lined with fleece and made of thick memory foam. You will never want to take them off.

Colored glass wine glasses

Even if your friend is not a wine lover she will love these hand blown wine glasses which come in a range of vibrant colors the moment she sees them. Besides serving guests with wine, they seriously upgrade the scene at dinner parties.

Pant PJ set

A short sleeve top and comfy pyjamas will help your friend feel good even if she has just stepped out of the bed. They are known for their super soft fabric and are available in a variety of classic colors with contrast piping and bottoms.