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Understanding Pros and Cons of Vaping

Vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking nicotine through cigarettes or cigars. It is permissible in no-smoking areas too. A large number of young smokers are switching to vaping because of the unmatched convenience it offers. But, before trying anything new, it is necessary to know about its minus points too. So, we bring you here a complete evaluation of vaping covering the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make better decisions.

Advantages of vaping

While smoking is wreaking havoc in your life due to the toxic smoke it produces, the vaping is not doing any such thing. You are simply deviating yourself from toxic smokes to something more user-friendly. Health wise, the user of vaping finds positive changes in:

a. Lung capacity: The user of vaping is not taking toll on lung capacity. You enjoy better quality of lung function and do not feel symptoms associated with burning out lungs due to smoking.

b. Oral hygiene: Teeth, breath and oral cavity become quite ugly and smell bad due to regular smoking. With the help of e-liquids, the users are able to maintain better oral hygiene.

c. Sensory capabilities: With the use of e-liquids instead of smoking, you can register the stimuli of smell and taste in a better way.

Apart from these changes, vaping offers other interesting benefits such as:

  • Choice of flavors: Users can try a variety of flavors that are commonly available with e-liquids. You can select the aroma or flavor of your choice and replace the contents of pods according to your requirement.
  • Replaceable cartridge: A vaping pod can be used regularly and repeatedly simply by changing the cartridge. The users of vaping need not invest repeatedly on the pod and get the cartridge replaced when it is over. This is all you spend in vaping.
  • No bad odors: You do not stink after using e-vaping, something which often used to happen in case of smoking. On the contrary, you smell good and the aroma gets you compliments too.
  • Controlled usage: The vaping apparatus such as Phix pods release controlled amounts of vapors in one shot. These are pre-measured apparatuses that tell the user how many doses will be coming off it. Since the amount per shot is pre-defined, user knows how much to use in one go. Thus, the undue and extra exposure or overuse of nicotine is avoided.
  • Pocket-friendly: Vaping market has expanded a lot since inception. The users can pick the products that match their budget. Even if your budget is no more than 10 dollars, you can find a vaping device for your needs.
And, now the cons of vaping

The decision to go for vaping is absolutely the users. FDA is yet to give it a clean chit completely. They insist to mention on wrappers a disclaimer that nicotine used in these pods is derived from tobacco. Thus, the stigma of using tobacco still remains attached to vaping, which may be not true in some exceptional cases.