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Understanding Duodenal Switch Surgery: Costs & Benefits

Losing excess body weight by dieting is no easy task, it takes an honest commitment to long-term improvement. Individuals with a BMI higher than 50 often find it challenging to lose the weight they need to start living a healthier lifestyle. This is where many people opt for weight loss surgeries, like duodenal switch surgery. The more advanced and modern loop duodenal switch surgery has a reputation for losing 85% to 100% unhealthy weight, allowing patients to get back on track faster and more effectively.

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What is a Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Like gastric bypass, the recent loop duodenal switch surgery is significantly safer and more effective. Medically, the surgery is a restrictive and malabsorptive procedure. It is restrictive because the surgeon reduces the size of the patient’s stomach. It bars the amount of food an individual can consume. Furthermore, malabsorptive indicates the surgical procedure that restricts the amount of nutrients a body can absorb because of the reduction in the size of the small intestine. Because of the combination of restrictive and malabsorptive procedures, loop duodenal surgery enables candidates to lose weight effectively. Studies show that duodenal switch surgery is more successful and effective in patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 50.

What Can be Expected?

Effective Weight Management

One of the highlights benefits of duodenal switch surgery is the high weight loss success rate. It is possible because the surgery reduces the size of stomach and small intestine of a patient. As a result, an individual consumes less food and absorbs less calories. Because of the low chances of weight regain, candidates can successfully lose 85% to 100% of unhealthy weight over one year.

Improved Quality of Life

Because of reduced cardiovascular risks and less joint-linked pain and complications, candidates can experience improved quality of life. Therefore, individuals undertaking the surgery can live a longer life.

Effective Management of Health Conditions

Another advantage of the surgery is its potential to resolve obesity-linked health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, insomnia, diabetes, etc. Studies show that duodenal switch surgery has a high success rate of managing and sometimes even curing Type 2 Diabetes.

Fewer Complications

No surgery is without any complications. The same applies to loop duodenal switch surgery. The good news is that compared to other gastric surgeries, the duodenal switch surgery has minor complications. Furthermore, they are easy to handle and manage without triggering life-threatening risks or side effects.

Partly Reversible Procedure

Patients often suffer from digestive issues after a duodenal switch surgery or any other gastric bypass surgery. The good thing about duodenal switch surgery is that it is possible to partly reverse the bypass portion of the procedure and eliminate digestive issues.

Minimally Invasive Process

Another highlighting aspect of the duodenal switch surgery is its minimally invasive procedure. The number of incisions made is fewer than in other gastric bypass surgeries. Because of the minimally invasive approach, there are small scars, and the recovery is faster.

What is the Cost of the Surgery?

The duodenal switch surgery is an expensive procedure in the USA. The good news is there are several financial assistance programs and payment plans and aids available. Furthermore, insurance providers in the country cover the majority or some part of the surgery. As such, it is easier for people to consider weight loss surgery and improve their quality of life. Most insurance service providers consider a list of requirements for covering the cost of the duodenal switch surgery.

  1. Letter of recommendation from a doctor
  2. Complete medical history with details of other possible treatments for weight loss
  3. Suffering from one or more conditions or health issues associated with obesity.

Studies reveal that duodenal switch surgery can cost around $25,000 and more. Without insurance coverage and other financial aid, it is difficult for people to undertake e duodenal switch surgery.


When a candidate looks for a highly effective, reliable, and safe weight loss procedure, duodenal switch surgery is ideal. More people are undergoing duodenal switch surgery because of long-term results. Because of its high success rate, duodenal switch surgery is more popular than other bariatric surgeries. Duodenal surgery is ideal for people with excess obesity and BMI higher than 50.