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Unconventional Wedding Shoots: Make Sure Your Photographer Captures Every Minute!

After your big day is over, your wedding photos will be the window into your past event forever, so we believe they should be spectacular.

When we work with clients on their wedding photography in Cancun, we’re constantly looking for new, inspired images that can set their photos apart and capture the most amazing scenes throughout their day.

We’d like to share with you some of the unconventional wedding shots we’ve taken recently that can help you create a truly exceptional wedding gallery.

The Sexy Secluded Silhouette


This wedding shot reminds us of the Sweet Seclusion we talked of in our “101 Fresh Summer Wedding Ideas You May Want To Steal.” In the hustle of your big day it can be hard to find quality time with your partner. Steal away for a moment to really take each other in. We created this romantic snapshot by placing a remote flash behind the couple and shooting against a wall.

The Stunning Sunset


This image captures a similar seclusion and shows the couple’s bond without using many details. We used the natural lighting of a sunset to create a silhouette-like effect and the cacti tell the story of where these two decided to join together forever.

To add a unique component to your own special day, incorporate personal items into your solo couple shots. If you get married in a winery, stand beside a barrel. If you get married around Christmas time, have an evergreen by your side. Be creative when it comes to commemorating your big day and you’re sure to get photos that you’ll love looking at for years to come.

A Kiss From a New Perspective


Photographers like to be adventurous; to capture this photo we carried a fish-eye lens camera shoulder-deep into the water. Obviously, it was worth it! If you would like to use the beauty of a reflective pool in your wedding photos, make sure the water is perfectly still before getting the shot so that the reflection can add beauty and mystique to the image. When shopping for prospective photographers, make sure they are willing to go the extra mile to get the shots you will brag about.

The Little Mermaid


If you’re particularly adventurous, show off your wild side and take a dip! We captured this mermaid of a bride by using an underwater housing for the camera and placing half the lens below and half above the water. The result is a sensation! Make sure your photographer has the tools needed to create such breathtaking and unconventional shots.

Little Caribbean Kiss


By using the lens half below the water technique, we were able to capture this spontaneous moment. For shots like this, all you need is the sun, the sea (or whatever landscape your wedding is a part of), and a little spontaneity. Even if it rains, a professional photographer will be able to use the surroundings and your personalities to capture photos that tell your love story in all its natural beauty.

Boys Will Be Boys


Capture the fun moments of your day through playful perspectives, like we did with this groomsmen photo. If the groom is a football fan, have the photographer take a shot through a groomsman’s legs to frame the groom and show him “receiving” the football. Something similar can be done with any of the groom’s likes and hobbies – just talk it out with your photographer to get ideas.

Love in the Time of Graffiti


While in Puerto Vallarta we took advantage of the local art scene and had the grooms pose in front of this fantastic mural. What made the shot even better was that the artwork happened to match both of their outfits! Take a look around your venue or city for beautiful backgrounds and use them as backdrops to a special moment between you and your husband or wife.

Reach for the Sky


A fantastic photographer should be ready to capture any unexpected moments that occur, like we did with this groomsmen photo. At this wedding, the storm clouds rolled in, creating the perfect contrast to the dark blue ocean. As it rained, the already wet groomsmen decided to take the full plunge and we were there to capture the spontaneity, as well as the natural beauty of sea and sky.

The Stormy Masterpiece


They say rain on your wedding day is good luck! You can use a rainy day or whatever weather happens to be going on as a backdrop for a dramatic photo. Have the photographer create contrast between land and sky by posing you in the bottom center of the photo. The result will be like something out of a masterpiece painting. Plus, little things like a veil blowing in the wind, creates a vivid reminder of what the day felt like.

Underwater Angel


There’s just something about an underwater shot that makes the scene so much more magical and ethereal. For example, a flowing white wedding dress and light beams illuminating particles in the water. An underwater camera can capture all of the treasures beneath the water, including your adventurous spirit.

The Fun Factor


Showcase your unique venue setting with a fun shot like this. To get the angle, we used a camera tilt and captured this couple jumping into the cool blue Caribbean. The result is a lasting memory of a happy couple celebrating their wedding day in a truly fun way.

About the author

Vincent is the owner of Pixan Photography, a team of Cancun-based photographers that are as passionate about their clients as they are their work. When he’s not shooting destination weddings, Vincent loves traveling the world with his wife and son.

Guest post for Women Daily Magazine, by Pixan Photography.