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The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrows are not morning makeup. They serve several purposes such as keeping dust from entering your eyes and also when sweaty, the eyebrows deflect the sweats away from your eyes rather than into the eyes. For many, maintaining the eyebrows in good shape and so clean remains a nightmare. Some people have resolved to eyebrow microblading to attain cleaned and good looking eyebrows. When eyebrows microblading is done perfectly, it takes between thirteen to nineteen months before the semi permanent eyebrows starts fading hence requiring a new similar procedure again.

After the first eyebrows microblading is done on a client, often it takes around four to eight weeks before the first touch up is done on the eyebrows. Several factors determines how well a client retains the pigment after the procedure. For example, its known that the oily skins do not often hold onto the ink used for the procedure as compared to the dry skin. Below is the ultimate guide to eyebrows microblading.

The first step to the much-desired eyebrows microblading is finding the right specialist. Seeing eyebrows, microblading specialist like the foxy brow microblading needs a lot of research. When choosing the right specialist, ensure you select a place with a lot previous client’s pictures taken before the process and also after the process, the specialist should even have positive social media reviews and also have the entire process explained to clients including the aftercare.

Finding a well qualified eyebrows microblading specialist requires thorough vetting. Most of the microblading specialists located in New York and Los Angeles. Checking the specialist’s experience level is essential. If they specialize in eyebrows microblading the better as opposed to someone who does different facials just alongside microblading as it takes a lot of experience always to deliver the much-desired results that are accepted by clients.

The eyebrows microblading is not cheap. Prices vary from one specialist to the next depending on who is doing it for you. Most specialists charge from five hundred dollars to as high as nine hundred dollars. The charges are justified as eyebrows microblading requires state of the art facilities, constant proper supplies and thorough professional training by the specialist.

After choosing the eyebrows microblading special, first, one needs to book a consultation. This is necessary as during the meeting is when the client gets to select the shape of eyebrows they desire. This is usually a perfect time to have a look at the venue you have chosen and checked out the equipment they have.When it comes to the actual eyebrows microblading, the specialist often starts by cleaning and then filing the eyebrows. The eyebrows specialist draws each hair stroke by stroke. Also, some eyebrows specialists usually just create an outline of the client’s eyebrows that the client has chosen. Before the actual microblading starts, a numbing cream is applied to your eyebrows are.

Microblading is done with a pigment who’s consistency is often thicker than that of tattoo ink. Microblading, therefore, does not penetrate the skin making it semi-permanent. Just two year is the duration the pigment lasts enabling clients to make changes after this period if they deem it fit. The procedure takes roughly two hours. The two hours can be a waste if you do not take good care of the microblade eyebrows. During the healing process, the tattoo peels and lightens and usually becomes irritating.

Eyebrows microblading is the perfect way to go for those to be cleaned, good shaped and attractive semi-permanent good looking eyebrows for two years. This saves the daily in front of mirror routines trying to manually draw eyebrows.

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