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Twitter Hack: How to Wear High Heels Without Experiencing Pain

Wearing high heels and making your legs look longer comes with a price. Luckily, there is a way you can wear your favorite pair without experiencing pain at all. A woman on Twitter confirmed the theory that when taping your third and fourth toes together will prevent pain while wearing high heels.

This incredible trick will definitely make your life a lot easier. Taping your third and fourth toe with a sticky tape will reduce nerve pressure and ease pain.

Here’s some extra tips:


There are many types of shoe patches and they’re really helpful. Just stick it to the most problematic area to prevent pain.


They’ll make each step easier and will make your shoes more comfortable. The pads will also prevent your foot from slipping which leads to blisters.

Try other heels

Don’t be afraid to try new types of heels. Your old pair of heels might have become uncomfortable.