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Twin Sisters Cured Their Acne in Just 1 Month: Here’s Their Secret

Nina and Randa Nelson have been vegans since they were kids and they avoided eating dairy any type of meat, which are known to contribute to blemishes and oily skin. They got their acne at the age of 20 and have tried many products, lotions, antibiotics for treating acne but unfortunately, nothing worked. Not even dermatologists could find a formula to help them treat their cystic acne.


The twin sisters were starting to lose hope. They wanted to pursue a career in acting and singing, but they lost hope that they could ever do because of their skin problem. Their father recommended to look up for the diet specialist Dr. John McDougall, who previously had helped their mother overcome a debilitating autoimmune disease. When they visited the doctor’s website, they saw the claims he made about how acne could, in fact, be eliminated through diet alone. Mainly, he recommended the elimination of foods containing oils and fats of any kind.


Although the girls were vegans, they consumed foods that actually caused them problems. They ate foods containing fats (even so-called healthy fats) such as dairy-free peanut butter, avocados and soy milk and other soy foods.


“What the doctor advised us to do,  turned out to be really effective. We cut off fat from our diet and in just 3 days we had no new breakouts. It was just a matter of time when all the other acne disappears,” says Nina.

The twins were ecstatic and couldn’t believe the amazing results.


Their diet now consists of rice and lots of veggies; whole wheat pasta with veggies; potatoes; sweet potatoes; beans and peas. They also eat lots of fruits, dried fruits and drink lots of healthy juices such as smoothies with oats.


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