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Tummy Tuck – The Permanent Solution to get rid of Mamma Pooch

Wish to have a svelte figure post your pregnancies but finding it difficult to juggle in a few minutes of “me time” for exercising? Considering that looking after babies, home and career (for most of us) it implies that our day could well extend beyond 24 hours and this could go on for ‘n’ number of years.

Instead of brooding over how you wish to look, it is time you get a tummy tuck done to emerge slimmer and more slender with your babies and hubby in tow as you pose for your annual family portrait. A tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty (being the correct medical term) is the best and the quickest way to look svelte once again.

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To begin with we have in place a set of responses to clarify your most basic queries regarding this procedure –

What does a cosmetologist/plastic surgeon actually do in tummy tuck surgery?

The surgeon will remove the unwanted excess fat deposited around your tummy. Also, the sit-up muscles in your abdomen will be restored or got back together if they have been out of place or stretched due to pregnancy.

Who should go for a tummy tuck procedure ideally?

This procedure is ideal for someone who has a BMI of over 30 and is trying hard to lose weight. It can be considered a safe option for people who are trying to conceive keeping in mind the complications in pregnancy faced by overweight mothers.


Dr. Viral Desai – Top Cosmetologist, Mumbai

Dr. Viral Desai, top cosmetologist in India who has done many tummy tuck proceduressays, ‘Tummy Tuck is an absolutely safe and reliable procedure for people who wish to look slim and fit. Moreover, it gives a great boost to their image and confidence too.’

What will the plastic surgeon actually do on your tummy?

At the consultation stage, the surgeon will check your general health of the body, the skin elasticity and most importantly, the size of the abdomen and its shape. In most cases, the procedures are done below the navel. Apart from that, the doctor will thoroughly brief you on the intricate details of the procedure.

Contouring of the Tummy

The actual procedure will be performed under general anesthesia and could last for 3 – 5 hours maximum. A horizontal incision will be made just above the pubic hairline and the navel. The weakened abdominal muscles will be repaired and sutured. The excess abdominal fat will be removed.

The doctor may require performing a liposuction procedure depending upon the extent of fat to be removed. The requirement of which would be discussed with you at the consultation stage itself.

Finally, the incision will be sealed using tapes, clips, sutures, and skin adhesives. An expert surgeon would take extra efforts to ensure that your tummy is well contoured, firmer and definitely flat. Whew! Mission Accomplished!!

 What about the post-surgical care and recovery period?

After the surgery, you would be required to stay for a few hours or one night depending upon the surgeon. Also, you will receive a set of instructions such as avoid straightening your back, dressing instructions, no bathing till the doctor’s green signal. On the overall, you should be back on your toes by the end of two-four weeks.

Important – You will have to try to walk as soon as possible after surgery for a swift recovery.

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