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Try This Delicious Coconut Rice

This meal is an exotic option to include. Its flavor is somewhat different from the more traditional flavors. Take the opportunity to give it a more oriental touch as if it were a Kheer (Indian rice pudding) and use Jasmine rice instead of round rice. Make this recipe with Mahatma® Jasmine Rice . Buy it here mahatmarice.com/recipes/easy-coconut-rice/ and check the coconut rice salad recipe.

How to make coconut milk rice

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 7 oz of Mahatma® Jasmine Rice.
  • 5 oz of sugar.
  • 1 liter coconut milk .
  • 1/2 liter of water.
  • 1 cinnamon stick.
  • 3 green cardamom seeds.
  • 1 star anise.
  • To accompany: 7 oz of fresh pineapple, 1 tablespoon of sugar, honey and peeled and chopped pistachios.

Jasmine rice with coconut milk recipe

  1. Put coconut milk in a saucepan with the cardamom, cinnamon and star anise. Put the saucepan over medium heat and when it is about to boil, remove the saucepan from the heat and cover it.
  2. Let the coconut milk infuse for 30 minutes and then transfer it to a pot through a strainer to remove the spices.
  3. Add the water and jasmine rice to the pot and place over medium heat. Cook, stirring frequently, especially watching the bottom of the pot, until the rice is tender (30 to 45 minutes) and the mixture is creamy. If during the cooking of the rice you see that you run out of liquid and the rice is still hard, you can always add a little more water (or cow’s milk if you prefer). If at the end of cooking, when the rice is tender, you see that it is a little dry, you can also add a little more liquid. In this case, use coconut milk or cow’s milk, and mix well for a couple of minutes so that the starch fattens the mixture (do it always over the heat).
  4. When the rice is ready, add the sugar, cook for 5 more minutes and then remove from the heat and set aside.
  5. To accompany the rice with coconut milk cut into small pieces 7 oz of fresh pineapple and throw it on a pan. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar on top and mix well. Leave on the heat until the sugar melts and the pineapple caramelizes a little. Then remove from heat and let them cool.
  6. When it is time to serve the rice pudding you can do it as it is or leave it to cool in the refrigerator. Then put it in a saucepan, add some caramelized pineapple and some peeled and chopped pistachios. Top with a little honey and it is ready to eat!


  • If you do not want to spend so much coconut milk you can use only 3/4 liter and complete the rest with water.
  • Instead of using water to complete the coconut milk you can use whole cow’s milk. It will give more creaminess and better flavor than water, but it will not be vegan.
  • You can use round rice (traditional) instead of jasmine rice but the aroma of this long grain rice is great for this recipe. If you choose to use short grain rice, keep in mind that it absorbs more liquid and you will have to add at least half a liter more of coconut milk or water.
  • This rice with coconut milk admits a little more sugar but if you like to complement it with caramelized pineapple and honey, it is better that the rice is at the right point of sugar. If you are going to take it alone or with a less forceful accompaniment, then adapt the sweetness to your taste without problem.
  • It is important to mix the coconut milk with water or another type of more liquid milk to facilitate the cooking of the rice and that it absorbs the liquid well.
  • If you do not like coconut milk, try almond milk, but keep in mind that most vegetable milks are highly sweetened and you may have to adjust the amount of sugar.

To top off this rice pudding you can use all kinds of fruits. Try with pineapple or mango. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries or any other berries are also good. And for the crunchy touch, you can change the pistachios for pecans, macadamias, almonds or whatever you like.