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Tricks That Will Help You Have the Perfect Hairstyle in Just 5 Minutes

Who doesn’t want to always have the perfect hairstyle? Unfortunately, we all experience bad hair days and sometimes we only have 5 minutes to make our hair look perfect. Luckily for you, these amazing tricks will help you create the perfect hairstyle in only 5 minutes.

1. Quick waves


To get quick waves you’re going to need a curling iron. Start from the middle of your hair and curl downwards. In no time you’ll have an amazing up-do.

2. All sorts of combs and brushes


It’s really important to have many brushes and combs. They’re key to creating the perfect hairstyle.

3. How to curl your hair if you don’t have a curling iron


These photos will teach you how to curl your hair if you don’t own a curling iron.

4. Fake bangs


If you want to make a bun and you have long hair, you can use some of your hair to create fake bangs.

5. How to get the perfect bangs


If you have bangs coming under your eyes, use a flat iron to fix them.

6. Longer and fuller ponytail


You don’t have to have long hair to create a long and full ponytail. Just do 2 ponytails, one above and the other near your neck and your hair will look longer.

7. Curling without burning


If you don’t want to damage your hair by using curling irons, you can easily get curls with this method.

8. Stick your bobby pins


Spray some dry shampoo on your bobby pins so they won’t move once they’re placed on your hair.

9. Be creative with ordinary bobby pins


Use your ordinary bobby pins to create amazing designs.

10. Here’s how to curl your hair


11. Add some volume to your ponytail


Use a hair clip to raise your ponytail and add some volume to it.

12. If your curls don’t last long


Use aluminum foil.

13. If your hair tends to get fizzy while drying it…


Switch the temperature from hot to cold and vice versa.

14. Another idea for curling your hair


Just make a couple of braids…

15. If your hair is too greasy


Just wash the hair pieces that come in front of your face and blow dry them. Your hair will look instantly fresh!