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Treat Sore and Cracked Heels With Shaving Cream and Listerine

Because of the footwear we use, it is very easy to get cracking and stinky heels, especially during summer. Here is an easy suggestion to treat this condition.

All you need is to follow this 6-step solution.

  1. Put some shaving cream on your feet.
  2. In a sink or bucket, mix equal parts warm water and Listerine.
  3. Soak a small towel in the mixture.
  4. While the shaving cream is still on your feet, wrap the soaked hand towel around your feet and let it sit for half an hour.
  5. Then use the towel to rub your feet. Some of the calloused and discolored skin will rub off.
  6. Apply a healthy amount of lotion or moisturizing cream to your feet. Do this once a week.

After you are done with the procedure, remember to dry out your feet. Use a clean towel to pat your feet, and don’t forget to brush the areas between the toes. Never put on your socks or shoes if your feet are still wet.  This can cause skin irritation, infections and breeding bacteria.

To reduce cracking, apply moisturizing cream every day, and once a while give your feet a break from sandals.

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