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Trampolines – Fun and Healthy for Everyone

Trampolines work on a fairly simple principle – you have a mat that is stretched on a frame using many small springs that let you bounce on it. Even though simple, trampolines can be a lot of fun and represent a great way to exercise.

Trampolines are a great way to stay fit and physically active – and all that in your back yard. It’s great for your kids as well as for adults. If you’re a parent, you’ll definitely appreciate how trampolines keep your kid safe in your yard, out of harm’s reach. There’s no need for them to go running tens of blocks away without you keeping an eye on them. Trampoline will definitely make you the coolest mom in the neighborhood, and your kids will have no problem making new friends and inviting them over to bounce for a while.


Kids often enjoy trampolines and you won’t have to force them to exercise – they’ll do it on their own! It’s much better than letting them stay inside and watch TV or fiddle with their iPads. They’ll sleep much better and feel energized, as computer screens keep them awake and they wake up groggy as a result. It’s a great way of developing coordination and a keen sense of balance, which is something your children will definitely appreciate later in life. Their muscle tone will markedly improve and their posture should correct itself over time, too.

Plus, trampolining is a low impact exercise that’s great on your joints, unlike jogging. Why let your kid have all the fun when you can bounce too and lose some of the extra pounds and stay in shape? You’ll love it too. There’s plenty of games and simple exercises to keep you occupied and it’s an excellent way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

Trampolining is a hugely efficient exercise and burns way more calories than jogging, making it a great high intensity workout you can do in little time. Don’t trust us on that, trust NASA, who has shown it’s 60% more effective, and burns about 320 calories per hour. It also strengthens your bones and does wonders for the lymphatic system as it speeds up the lymphatic flow and, therefore, detoxifies the body.

While trampolines used to represent a high risk of injury, modern trampolines are much different. All outdoor trampolines come with lots of foamy cushions and a huge net that surrounds the whole trampoline. This means it’s next to impossible to fall off a trampoline, and even if you jump awkwardly, safety pads are still there to keep you worry-free.

To ensure trampolines are a safe and fun activity for everyone, there are a few safety tips everyone should follow. Generally, kids younger than 6 should not be allowed onto the trampoline. Never let more than one person bounce on the trampoline at the same time! This is a major cause of easily preventable accidents! And even though accidents do happen, the lack of exercise and various diseases that come with it certainly present a larger risk that shouldn’t be ignored.

There is a huge range of trampolines on the market and it can be difficult to figure out what you should buy. Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, from small 3ft. indoor trampolines to huge 16ft. or more outdoor trampolines. Round trampolines are most common, but there are also oval, square and rectangle trampolines.


Price ranges also vary – a standard 14ft. outdoor trampoline can cost anything from $100 to $2000! Some trampolines come with cords instead of springs (mini trampolines) or some new inventions, like leaf springs on Vuly Thunder or carbon rods on Springfree Inc. trampolines. These are not only safer, but provide a great bouncing experience. They occupy the upper end of this price range, though. And sometimes even the old adage that “you get what you pay for” doesn’t hold water. There are great bargains as well as expensive trampolines of dubious quality. Generally, always buy a trampoline with an enclosure and ensure there is enough safety padding. Good quality 14ft. trampolines can be found for about $400, while smaller indoor trampolines go for about $100. Cheap, big-box store trampolines can be unsafe and usually don’t last long, as they rust and the materials simply break. Good trampolines come with warranties that cover you if something goes wrong.

Sounds confusing? Well, it kind of is. Fortunately, the folks at ProTrampolines.com have diligently reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of trampolines, so you don’t have to worry. Their trampoline comparison tool is a boon for every undecided buyer. You can find great trampolines at all price ranges and learn what’s good and what isn’t.

So what are you waiting for? Get a trampoline of your own and enjoy all the fun and exercise – all that in your back yard!