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Tracking Down the Right Swimwear for You in SS19

If you are planning a spring holiday, now is a good time to get everyone’s swimwear out and find out who needs a new costume. Once you have done that, you can take a look around and buy what you need.

As you can see here most retailers are already stocking a good range of swimwear. So, if you go out now and buy a new one-piece, bikini or tankini you will have the most choice. Here is a roundup of what is available, with a few tips to help you to decide which option is right for you.

Color and pattern trends

I am going to start first with the main color trends. This year, these mirror the color palette of mainstream fashion. So that means mostly neutrals, with a splash of yellow for those who fancy something a bit brighter.

If you want something that is a bit more fun, go with polka dots. In mainstream fashion, the color palette is mainly black and white. But, swimwear designers have been a bit more adventurous, so, for this pattern, you should find a pretty good level of color choice.

You can also still get animal print inspired swimming costumes. Keep a particular eye out for deconstructed leopard prints. They are stylish as well as striking.

New shapewear swimming costumes

As the general population has got bigger, shaping swimwear has grown in popularity. There is now a huge choice, especially if you shop with plus size retailers. Interestingly, a lot of these retailers now offer shaping costumes in smaller sizes too.

This year, look out for halter neck and asymmetrical necklines. They look fantastic and your costume will stay in place really well when you are swimming. Some of the swim dresses are pretty enough to be worn out of as well as in the pool.

The patterns are fantastic too. Striking Aztec and animal prints not only look wonderful they are very flattering too. The eye is distracted, so that any bulges become far less noticeable.

Tankinis double duty swim and resort wear

I really like the fact that swimming costume designers have found new ways to create items of clothing that you can both swim in and wear elsewhere. Tankinis are a great example of this. Understandably this relatively new swimwear format is very popular.

Sun protection and modest swimwear

If you do not like to bare your skin, consider wearing sun protection swimwear. These costumes enable you to completely cover the top half of your body, including your arms.

The fabric is very lightweight, so you should not feel hot while wearing your costume. It is very soft and flexible, so it will not restrict your movements while swimming. If you do want to try this new style of swimwear, be sure to buy a costume that fits fairly closely. That way you can avoid having to deal with too much fabric when it gets wet.

Knowing how to protect yourself and your family from the sun, while swimming, is important. Reading this article is a great way to remind yourself of how to do it.

A related article

While we are talking about swimwear I thought I would just link out to an article I wrote a while back about sun safety. I am doing this because a lot of people treat themselves to a new swimming costume when they are planning a holiday in the sun. So, now, seemed like a good time to remind you all of the need to stay safe while enjoying the sunshine.