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Trace Channeler Carol Collins Is Gearing Up For Her “I AM” Retreat and Tour

Pittsburgh native, Carol Collins, is a consciously-aware trace channel who guides others through holistic healing. Carol is the original channel of Jeshua, a collective of nonphysical teachers. These teachers write through her, guide her in her practice, and teach what they call the Essential Material. Through Jeshua, she has found the unique and powerful ability to connect with loved ones in spirit, past lives, future lives, Guides, Nonphysical Teachers, Archangels, and others from the spirit or soul plane.

Carol’s journey as a healer began in 2019 after an emotional breakup, which began her period of rediscovery. Little did she know, this would be one of the biggest turning points of her life. Scrolling through Facebook one day, she discovered an Abraham-Hicks video, and, as she describes, “felt a warm soothing sensation in the center of my chest – and felt more than drawn to the teaching of Abraham.”

About nine months into her meditation process, her head stopped to the left instead of the usual center-front position, paused briefly and then words began to be spelled in cursive in the air using her nose. This was the first time she felt Jeshua in and through her.

“In the initial days they taught me, using this face spelling method, about Consciousness, how the world was made, how we can all connect with our loved ones and spirit helpers, why we are having a physical life experience, what my purpose was, they told me I was channeling them and what they wanted to teach through me, and when I asked who I was speaking with they spelled James and Jeshua.”

Since March 20, 2019, Carol has been using the teachings of Jeshua to heal in her workshops, classes, events, retreats, public and private readings, and attunement (or Quantum Energy Healing) sessions.

Carol has this ability to communicate with those who have transitioned into the next life, but she is also a trace channeler as well. “As a channeler, I also have an extra ability to quiet my mind so completely that my Guides shift me into a trance-like state where they “borrow my voice.”

In her channeled readings, Jeshua is able to speak directly to you and guide you and tell you exactly what you are needing and looking for. Jeshua will answer every and all questions with pin-point accuracy. Carol states that being a channeler is her “favorite gift” and that every client will walk out of her sessions feeling a sense of relief, a new sense of calmness, and will be provided with structured guidance in order to create the best life for them. Carol offers two appointment lengths, 60-min and 90-min sessions.

Carol is gearing up for her “I AM” retreats in the later months of 2022.This retreat is designed by Jeshua and focuses on the Root Chakra to heal unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories that stop you from manifesting the life you are wanting. For an entire weekend you will be immersed in channeled guidance in order to further understand why we each have a physical life experience, how life experience has shaped you, and what you can do about it. There is also round the clock Source healing to remove energy blocks that are stopping you from becoming who you were meant to be and chakra cleansing by Jeshua. The main focus of the retreat and its activities is to “Heal the Root” and why Jeshua named it the “I AM Retreat.”

The retreat weekends are July 15-17 in Sedona, Arizona and September 25-27 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The cost for the retreat is $500 and does not include lodging, which is a requirement in order to attend the event.

Carol also continues to do live shows, events, workshops, and will be going on tour in 2022-2023. The USA “On Purpose Show” tour will be happening in Fall 2022 and they have begun planning for an Australian segment for Spring/Summer 2023.

Carol continues to guide and heal others through Jeshua and she hopes that she is making as big an impact on their lives as it did for her. “My life has completely transformed. I live differently, I eat differently, I think differently, I am interested in different things, I am emotionally different – all in an upward healthy way. I am happy and surrounded by not only loving beings in the nonphysical universe but have so many people who are like-minded that reach out to me and are thankful for their teachings.”

Carol’s website is https://www.thepittsburghmedium.com

Register for Carol’s “I AM” retreat https://www.thepittsburghmedium.com/iamretreat

Her catalog of courses for the Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies Center for Intuitive Studies – 2022 Course Catalog (thepittsburghmedium.com).