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A Touching Story: A Cow Hid Her Calf so The Farmer Couldn’t Find it!

The volunteers noticed that the cow was acting strange. They were trying to figure out what’s happening when they found out that the cow has secretly calved and she hid her newborn so people couldn’t find it.

Cows are known to have a strong maternal instinct, and this story proves it. The cow hid her calf so the farmer couldn’t find it.

The cow lived in a milking farm. Every time she calved, the farmer came and took the calf away. When the cow stopped giving the amount of milk needed, she was being slaughtered. This cow was saved by the Animal Rights Organization “Edgar’s mission” in Australia.  When the brought the cow in their farm, they noticed she was pregnant. Volunteers start noticing her acting strange around her calving term. The volunteers found out that the cow secretly calved and she hid her little calf so people couldn’t find them.

Finding Valentine from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.