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Top Ways To Buy Expensive Products On The Cheap

There’s no doubt that while the best things in life – friends, family, and good times – are free, the things we also desperately want and pine after the most are certainly not. While scrimping and saving is just part of many of our everyday routines, that still doesn’t always cover the cost of some of life’s little luxuries. However, just because the price tag can sometimes seem daunting, doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Many items out there are much more affordable than you might initially think, if you know where to look.

Finding the Right Price at the Right Time

Luck and chance can play a major role in striking a great deal. While one person might have agonized for weeks researching a product’s price, another might simply swoop in and snatch up a freak sale. There’s no way of getting round this fact, but understanding where to search for the deals with certainly help your chances. Here we take a look at the best places to snag a bargain on typically pricey goods.


Long gone are the days when a spot of shopping meant putting your shoes on and heading into town. Now, online sites dedicated to bringing you the best in fashion at the most competitive prices means you never have to leave your sofa. And let’s face it, we all want to look expensive for less. eBay was the first, but since its arrival there have been thousands more to stake their place in the discount shopping field. Our favorite sites include The Outnet, specializing in massively discounted designer goods, and Heroine, for the more alternative ladies out there looking to rock out in some lesser-known names.


Watches are the ultimate status symbol and come in all manner of shapes, styles and sizes for both men and women. Unfortunately, they also often come with a hefty price tag. A great way to get around this is to shop with certified resellers. Whether you are looking for a present for a significant other or simply a treat for yourself, there are so many watches to choose from. Just take a look at this range of Tissot models on Chrono24, where prices are a fraction of what this classic Swiss watch brand would normally charge. Far more reliable than eBay, a trusted online reseller can also guarantee the watch’s authenticity for you before you buy.


Furniture can cost a fortune depending on where you buy it. Ikea has become giants on account of their various strategies to lower prices while delivering fashionable and good quality items. However, the downside is that there is barely a home in the developed world which isn’t sporting some number of items that were shipped straight out of the Swedish retailer. Consequently, for those looking for a little more originality in their home furnishings, we can highly recommend heading down to your local flea market.

From vintage furniture to quirky knick-knacks and rugs galore, there is no shortage of gems out there to find.┬áRemember the dos and don’ts of flea market shopping and always try haggling the prices, especially if you know an item might need a touch of work once its home. A word of caution: never try to buy soft bedding items such as mattresses or pillows at the flea market as the risk of possible contamination with these intimate, fibrous items is too great.


A good haircut can make us feel a million dollars, and often can cost not far off the same amount. While professional salons can charge a lot for their serene setting, offers of snacks and drinks and various other amenities, you can save some serious cash by heading instead to a local hairdressing school. Although this option might not be for everyone, the more adventurous folks out there can enjoy a cut for next-to-nothing, while helping out some young hopefuls while they’re at it. Find a picture of what you want and it will be the students’ responsibility to try and replicate it as closely as possible. Take a chance!

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