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Top Tips for Hosting House Guests

The last year has been one spent in isolation, and many aspects of our lives have been impacted by this. There have been extremely negative mental health implications, as well as economical issues, that have reared their heads over the last year and a half. Some people have suffered more than others, but everyone will have been impacted in one way or another. For many people, the lack of social interaction has meant their social skills have taken a steep dive.

Now restrictions are beginning to ease across the majority of the world, many people will be looking to have loved ones over for the first time in over a year. This means hosting skills need to be polished up on. If yours are lacking, don’t worry. Here are some top tips to help you get back into the swing of things.

  1. Notify your neighbours

The first step to being a good host is being a good neighbour. Social gatherings, whether they’re simple outdoor dinners or full-blown parties, can have a tendency to both overrun on time and hit high volumes of noise. You never know what your neighbours have going on – some might be really poorly, others might have small children – so it’s a courteous step to notify them and give them your number so they can contact you if things get a bit too loud for them.

  1. Clean in advance

When you’ve got guests over, it’s important that your house is clean. The last any guest wants is to go to someone’s house, only to find a dirty toilet and unclean floors. You want your guests to feel comfortable and to ensure they have a good impression of you, so this means you need to clean. Rather than doing what most people do and cleaning the day before (or, God forbid, the day of the event), spread the cleaning out over the course of a few days. Start with the rooms that won’t get dirty and that you use the least, and then tackle things like the bathroom and the kitchen where your guests will likely frequent. This will not only stop the last-minute panic, but it will also allow you to complete a more comprehensive clean.

  1. Make a list

Is there anything worse than inviting people over and then having to ask your gusts to bring their own plates and condiments? Probably not. Avoid this awkwardness and make a list of all the things you might need well in advance. You might be tempted to trust your memory, but it’s guaranteed to fail you at some point. No one wants to be told to bring nothing but themselves, but then also asked to bring some napkins last minute. Don’t burden your guests and make sure you really are the host with the most by making a list and working through it.

  1. Stock up

We’ve all been there – we’ve gone to a friend’s house for a dinner and used the bathroom, only to find there is no toilet roll. What results is an awkward rummage through someone’s toiletry cupboard. It’s not a pleasant experience, so make sure you’re not putting your guests through it. Before everyone comes over, do a basic toiletry check and make sure there is plenty of soap and toilet roll. In addition, think about putting spares out just in case. In the case of hand towels, if you’ve got a lot of guests over, consider buying paper towels. No one likes ‘drying’ their hands on an already soggy towel.


A host well prepared is a present host during the event, so make sure you take heed of these basic tips and there’s no reason why your first post-covid gathering won’t be a success! Do you have any tips?