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Top Questions Girls Have About Lash Extensions

If you consider yourself a sassy girl and you’re reading this, chances are you already know just how more sexy and confident eyelash extensions can make you feel. From career actresses to prime time female news anchors flashing those sultry smiles and batting those gorgeous lashes, the attention-snapping look of extensions have catapulted the most fashion-conscious of ladies into a limelight that’s been most appreciated by approving, red-blooded American males.

Do You Dabble in Lash Extensions?

There are those women and girls out there who like to dabble in the possibility of eyelash extensions, perhaps testing them out on a one-time basis for a special occasion like a major vacation or wedding, and then there are those who get extension fills regularly, like they would a standing manicure or blowout appointment. Into the grey area between have come questions many girls have about lash extensions – do they ruin natural lashes? Do they boost confidence? Why keep up with it for so long?

We’re going to address some of the most burning questions stylish gals – perhaps like yourself – have regarding glamorous, sexy eyelash extensions.

  • How Often Do Lashes Get “Refilled”? – Most girls get them done every three weeks; any longer, and the lashes become “spare” and less full.
  • Can Someone Who’s Pregnant Get Lash Extensions? – Yes, indeed; the only downside may be lying on one’s back to get them done – what most pregnant ladies do is lie on their side with their face up, and just move from side to side every 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Is There Any Pain Involved? – No, not at all.
  • Are They Worth the Money? – Most gals say absolutely yes; of course, it depends on one’s individual budget. Some pay under $50 for them to be refilled about every month, and many women say they wouldn’t think of spending any more than that on lash extensions.
  • What are the Pros? – Getting ready for that sexy night out on the town takes half the time, thanks to eliminating the step of putting on mascara and false lashes; also, many ladies report not having to put on so much makeup because lash extensions make them look “awake” and “done up,” per se. There’s also the avoidance of getting the eyelash glue off the eyes every time the extensions are applied.
  • Are There any Cons? – You do have to be careful with how you wash your face, sleep and what kind of products you use around your eyes; don’t sleep on your stomach, and be gentle with the extensions or they will fall off. Also, you have to avoid products that contain oil, such as makeup, cleansing oils and eye creams.
  • How Long Does it Take to Get Them Done? – This is all dependent on who you go to; some girls who perform extensions can do a set in under an hour and a half, while refills usually take about 45 to 50 minutes.
  • How Do You Clean Your Face/What’s the Best Way to Clean Them? – You will clean your face as you normally would, except be more gentle around your eyes; use oil-free makeup wipes to remove eye makeup and liner, then clean your face as always. You also want to avoid using really hot water – which isn’t good for your skin to begin with – and the extensions shouldn’t get wet for the first 48 hours following initial application.
How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last For?

Eyelash extensions will normally last two to three weeks, perhaps four, depending on how well you care for them – but if you make sure to avoid products that contain oil, in addition to mascara, you should be good to go and looking fantastic for that ultimate night out with the girls.