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Top Lipsticks You Can Try on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is knocking on our doorstep. People who are still single, this is the high time for them to get a partner. If you are a girl and thinking how to impress your crush or someone on Valentine’s Day then you are in the right place. Most of the girls don’t know how that if the wear a perfect lipstick and dress properly then they can easily impress any guy.

It is very necessary to choose the colour of your lipstick because a lipstick can change your entire look. So while wearing a lipstick always keeps in mind that the colour of lipstick must match with the dress you are wearing and suit you.

Not only with dress make sure the lipstick you are wearing looks good with your skin complexion. Here I am going to discuss about the top trending lipstick shades which you can try on Valentine’s Day. People those who are committed, they also should try these colours on Valentine’s Day to look more attractive and beautiful.


Plush gel lipstick in pastel dust

This is something which you can wear in this Valentine’s Day. When you will pout with a silky stroke of plush gel lipstick you will look just awesome. This lipstick is available in multiple colour and shades. Doesn’t matter what is your age, you will look beautiful when you will put any of this shades.

Brown creamy matte  

You can try this shade to look bold and beautiful. You will get this shade in most of the renowned lipstick brands. If your lips are dry then ignore using this shade. When you will put this lipstick with white dress it will look just amazing.

Maroon Matte

When it comes to impressing someone with just a smile then nothing can replace Maroon Matte. Maroon matte lipstick makes your lips look extremely beautiful. This shade goes well with almost all type and colours of dresses. Most of the girls prefer NYX or Lakme though many other brands are available for this particular shade. If you notice, you will see maroon matte became the choice of most of the celebrities.


Jungle red

If you want to look extremely bold then this is the best shade for you. This shade looks extremely good with fair girls. Red and black outfits go pretty well with jungle red shade. This shade is available in almost all the brand.

Creamy Matte

Creamy matte is also one of the most popular shades for young girls. The best thing about this shade is it lasts really very long and you can put it every day and on any occasion. The light shade is more popular than the dark shade. Creamy matte makes you look very luxurious and sophisticated.

Liquid velvet

This is one of the most sophisticated shades.  There are two shades available for this shade, light and dark. Most of the girls prefer the light shade. But when someone combines and put both the shade together, it just looks awesome. The best thing about liquid velvet is you can put this shade anywhere and with almost every type of outfit.

You can keep all the above mentioned lipsticks for different occasions and use them accordingly. Most of the lipsticks goes pretty well with every type of outfit and. Not only on Valentine’s Day, you can use them for any party of for any family gathering. If you want to know about my preference then I will say its maroon matte. Maroon matte is such a shade which looks extremely sophisticated and defines your class. I hope these shades are enough for impressing someone with your killing smile.