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Top Destinations in Italy

Although we are starting to leave the summer days behind us, you can still travel to some amazing destinations in Europe to extend that summer feel. With average temperatures in Italy still being well over 20°C in September and even higher in the Southern parts of Italy, you can still catch quite a few rays of sunshine to escape the dreary UK weather. If you are stuck for inspiration on which places in Italy to consider for your post-summer getaway, read on for some inspiration.


Sardinia is highly recommended for a great holiday in Italy as one of the country’s most beautiful islands. Picture this: white sandy beaches, warm turquoise sea. What’s not to love? As it’s located between Corsica and Sicily, Sardinia is sometimes overlooked in favour of other islands. However, it’s a great destination for any traveller: whether you are travelling with kids, your partner or a group of friends. The island has a diverse range of activities and places on offer, so there is something for everyone.

For those people looking for more of an active holiday, there are great hiking trails on Sardinia, as many as 90 different trails. Keen hikers will not be disappointed by the vast array of options or the beautiful wilderness to be explored. Sardinia also offers great diving expeditions through protected reefs and caves. Despite the fact Sardinia is a popular diving destination; the waters are biologically sounds unlike Austrialia’s Great Barrier Reef for example.

People travelling with small families can enjoy Sardinia’s multiple beaches. If you ensure you have booked a family friendly resort, such as Mark Warner, there are childcare options that allow parents a little time to themselves whilst the little ones are being looked after. Consider a visit to the Capital Cagliari, a great port town on the south tipof the island. Not only does the older part of the city offer amazing views, there are many museums to visit and great cafes and restaurants to have some amazing Italian ice cream.


For some reason, Naples has quite a negative reputation and you will find other travel guides online telling you to avoid Naples and visit another city instead. Naples is busy and chaotic, or so they say. What you need to keep in mind is that Naples is a big city. As are cities like Amsterdam and Paris, but that doesn’t make them any less worth of a visit.

So why should you visit Naples? One word: pizza! Naples is where pizza originates from, so for some absolutely epic pizza, you need to go to Naples. Make sure you do your research, as many places will claim to have the most authentic or best pizza in Naples. There are many places serving great pizza, it all depends on your itinerary during the day.

Naples itself is one of the oldest cities in Italy and its archaeological treasures are some of the world’s most important sights. If you are a history buff, you will love Naples. You can step back in time by visiting the historic centre, walking down ancient street and past historic buildings. These buildings will have been there for centuries. You can even visit an excavated Roman market in San Lorenzo Maggiore church.

Naples is very hilly, and so it might not be suitable for those less mobile and able. However, if you are travelling with kids or your partner, Naples will be a great place for a getaway.


The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence has one of the most impressive cathedrals. Florence is an attractive city with exquisite art whilst also having a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. The cathedral has the biggest masonry dome in the world. You can visit the Duomo yourself for free, although there might be a long line of tourists waiting to get in as well. Another famous sight in Florence is Ponte Vecchio, the ancient bridge lined with shops. The bridge has an amazing history and has been home to shops ever since 1345, when it was rebuilt to replace its wooden predecessor.

Gelato originally came from Florence, so make sure you stop somewhere nice to score yourself some. You can get great gelato all over the city. Remember: if you want fresh, home-made ice cream, look out for places selling “gelato artigianale”, or artisan gelato. You will avoid artificial flavouring and colours.

To enjoy Florence’s nightlife, research beforehand what bars or nightclubs might be most suited to your tastes. If you’re into cocktails and amazing views, consider a visit to Se.sto where cocktails are served on their rooftop bar. If you want to enjoy some of Italy’s best wines, seek out Le Volpu e l’Uva, hidden away in a little piazzetta, only a stone’s throw away of Ponte Vecchio. This wine bar aims to seek out smaller producers who might be overlooked otherwise in favour of bigger brands and wineries.