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Top Accessories for Summer

Spring is well underway, and before you know it summer will have arrived with its blazing sunshine and endless balmy days. Or at least that’s what we hope it will be like! Now’s the time to be preparing for the sunny days ahead by getting your summer clothes out of the closet, stocking up on the sun cream and sorting out the kids’ beach toys. When you’ve got everything out, it’s a good time to check what still fits, what is looking a bit worn out and see if there’s anything outdated in your collection. If there is and you need some replacements, then it’s time to go shopping!


You might be happy wearing the same jewelry all year round, but summer is a good time to have a change and try something a bit different. You could go for summer themed earrings with flower designs or a necklace with a sun motif. Have a look at the ranges you can get from quality retailers like Blomdahl USA, and see what is available with that summer vibe. Alternatively, you could try the beach look, with corded necklaces and bracelets that give you that cool surfer look. Don’t forget you’ll be able to show off bits of yourself that have probably been hidden away all winter, so have a browse in the navel ring, ankle chain and toe ring collections as well.


A good shoulder bag is a must-have for the summer. You want something that’s not too bulky and is quite light to carry, but into which you can put all the extra summer essentials like sun cream, hats, water bottles, insect bite cream and sunglasses. Having one roomy bag into which you can put all the items above as well as your usual staples that you carry in your purse is far more convenient than carrying your purse plus a carrier for the extras. Go for a casual style using products like raffia that are lightweight and have the feel of summer about them. There are some amazing bags being made now from recycled and waste products, such as seatbelts and coconut fiber, which are finding favor amongst those who are looking for something environmentally sound.

Scarves and wraps

While you may be hoping for good weather this summer, the chances are that there will be at least a few less clement interludes. Having a summer scarf or wrap that you can put on to keep out any chilly wind that might whip up out of the blue will be a great relief if the weather does turn. Of course, if it stays blazing sunshine all day, then these accessories will also serve well as protection against the effects of the sun on your skin. Thin, lightweight fabrics are best for this dual role.

Summertime is made for relaxing and enjoying life, at least for some of the time. If you want to look like a sun goddess when you’re out this summer, follow these style tips and you’ll be looking cool in more ways than one!