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Top 6 Tips for Traveling to The USA

Different parts of the USA are still popular among tourist from all over the world. And there is a good reason for that.

I mean, the USA truly has a lot to offer to its visitors. And there is no doubt that this could become one of the greatest trips of your life.

However, this will only be possible if you prepare for everything that there is to deal with. Because just like with any other countries all around the world, there are specific things to keep in mind before you get on the plane heading to the USA.

Get your VISA ready

Without having a valid VISA, you won’t be able to visit the USA under any circumstances. Yes, even if you are using the USA for transit.

There are different types of VISA’s available each of which has some specifics. However, what you will be looking at is the Travel VISA. I know, it seems like a well-known thing that you have to have travel authorization before visiting the US.

However, a lot of people fail to plan their visit properly taking into account the time it takes to actually acquire a VISA.

What happens if you make this mistake? Well, your lovely visit to the USA will be over before it starts.

So do your homework and get ready to spend up to a couple of months for acquiring your USA VISA.

Or travel with an ESTA

OK! So VISA is not the only option when it comes to travel authorization for the USA? Yes.

But traveling with an ESTA is only possible if you are a citizen of one of the Visa Waiver Program countries. If so, you don’t need to acquire VISA when visiting the US and you might consider yourself lucky.

Because acquiring an ESTA is a lot easier than what it takes to get a VISA. But keep in mind that there are still some things that can affect your plans of traveling the USA.

Anyway, ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. And this means that the process goes on online instead of by meeting someone in person. If your documentation is valid and your background clean, you will be able to acquire an ESTA in a couple of days. The same goes for checking  your ESTA status. You can do it online.

However, your visit to the USA shall not exceed 90 days. Keep this in mind when planning the trip.

Get good travel insurance. Seriously!

This is one of those things that should be done whenever you travel and whatever your destination is. Keep it in mind at all times.

And still, a lot of travelers won’t take travel insurance seriously, because they are sure, that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

But these things do happen from time to time. And when it comes to the USA, you want to be sure that you are covered. Why? Because, it will cost you a lot to use the emergency services or any kind of medical help.

The USA is one of those few countries where you have to pay for calling the ambulance. And it can cost you more than you would like to pay. Especially when traveling!

There is really no reason to avoid getting travel insurance since you can greatly benefit from having it. What is more, there are plenty of good travel insurance providers that will get you covered for all of the different situations that might happen!

Plan ahead. But be ready to make changes

If you would to ask someone which places you should visit during your trip the USA, you would most likely receive a different answer every time. There are just too many things to see and experience all over the US.

And your time in the USA is limited, which means you want to use it in a smart way.

I know, it seems to be one of those things we are all aware of. However, to make your trip successful, you should think about the plan of your visit again.

Keep in mind that you want to visit at least one of the major cities. If you have the chance to visit New York, do it. You won’t ever forget the experience.

Second, visit at least one national park.

Third, try to meet people and get to know them. And because you might receive advice on visiting different places from the locals, you have to be ready to be flexible and change your plans anytime.

Make sure your passport is valid

So you have the travel authorization you need and it seems like everything is going well. And once you get to the terminal and your passport is being checked, your trip is over, because your passport is no longer valid or the validity is due to end during your visit.

That is it not something you would like to experience, is it?

So make sure your passport is valid and if not, get yourself a new one.

Remember to take a look at your passport validity some time before traveling, because you might need to acquire new travel authorization as well. You see, once your passport validity runs out, your travel authorization also has to be renewed.

Prepare for several check-ups

Don’t get all cocky when you are asked by airport security to show them your bags or when they are doing any other type of safety check.

Taking care of security in the airport and elsewhere after you leave the airport is completely reasonable. And you will only get yourself in trouble if you try to avoid these safety checks.

Be patient and let security do their work.

Enjoy your time in the USA

As I said in the beginning, there is a good reason why so many tourists choose the USA as their travel destination over and over again. There is a lot see and experience, making it the ideal destination for friends, family and solo travelers.

However, you will only be able to fully enjoy your time there, if you take care of the things mentioned above.

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