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Top 6 Teeth Whitening Myths

Having white teeth is something everyone yearns for, irrespective of his/her economic status. And the desire for white teeth has pushed many people to the wall, some going for anything that can help them discolor their teeth. But at the same time, due to bad experience previously, many myths have come with the teeth whitening. Today, we shall debunk the top 6 teeth whitening myths that have been doing rounds across the world.

Teeth whitening will destroy your enamel

Many people believe that teeth whitening has a negative effect on the enamel. Note that teeth whitening is a preserve of the dentists, and thus when it is prescribed by a qualified dentist, you have nothing to worry about. The problem is that many at times we tend to believe we know all, and end up using the wrong teeth whitening products that eventually destroy the enamel. Just because you failed to seek a dentist’s advice should not mean that teeth whitening products are bad.

Fruits can help remove stains from teeth

You should not be surprised to find thousands of people across the world using fruits such as strawberries, lemons or bananas to whiten their teeth. The truth is, this trick can never work, no matter how many times you rub your teeth with whatever kind of fruit. Dentists are of the view that fruits’ acids and that from other foods we eat are responsible for the wearing away of the enamel. As a result of rubbing fruits on your teeth, you will realize that you have achieved the complete opposite, colored teeth. Instead of using fruits, you should use teeth whitening products, and brush them regularly to remove food particles that bring about teeth colorization.

Teeth will remain white forever after whitening

Teeth whitening is not a one-stop-shop kind of thing. It is something that you have to do regularly, not ones, not twice, but regularly; perhaps ones after every few weeks. Things such as red wine, smoking, or taking tea/coffee will all bring the color back, though not the original one. If you must use these liquids, then try to use a straw, so as not to destroy your front teeth.

Active charcoal can help whiten your teeth

As already mentioned, everyone is in a hurry to get his/her teeth white. This means that many of us are constantly looking for new ways to achieve this, and trying out new techniques is among the things we all do. But not every technique works, irrespective of it being cost effective or not. Again, remember that not all of us are the same, and our teeth respond differently to different teeth whitening techniques. To be safe, stick to the scientifically proven techniques, which have been prescribed by a dentist.

Whitening will make your teeth look unnatural

People believe in the false belief that teeth whitening will make their teeth look unnatural, which is not actually true. The truth is, you will be in control of your teeth, especially if you are using at-home products. And when the teeth reach a level where you are comfortable with, you can then stop using it and start maintaining your teeth.

It causes teeth sensitivity

Teeth whitening products are not harmful to the teeth, or any part of the mouth for that matter. If the teeth whitening product you are using cause irritation, a burning sensation or any sort of discomfort, then you should stop using that product and consult a dentist.

But also, note that there might be some sensitivity when you start using these products. This mild sensitivity can be managed by informing your dentist as soon as you notice it.