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Top 6 Reasons More Women are Switching from Glasses to Contacts

You love your cute little pair of cat eye glasses. But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear contacts instead?

These days, more and more women are making the switch from glasses to contacts.

What do contacts have that glasses don’t?

Read on to learn the top 6 reasons more women are switching from glasses to contacts.

1. They’re Great if You’re Active

These days, women are completely dominating the fitness industry.

In fact, a full 61 percent of half marathon finishers in 2013 were women. And, it seems that with every new trendy group class that pops up, you’ll find that women are the dominant participants.

If you’re one of those women who love to stay active, or you’re finally considering going after your New Year’s resolution and joining a gym, then you should definitely consider switching from contacts to glasses.

Contact lenses, like the ones from lensesonline.co.nz, don’t move around when your eyes or head move during a workout. Unlike glasses, you don’t have to worry about your contacts falling out or breaking during a tough sweat session.

2. Clearer Vision

Yes, that’s right. Contacts can actually provide you with a clearer vision that glasses can.

This is because contact lenses rest on the curvature of your eye. Therefore, you have a wider field of vision than you would with glasses.

Also, when it’s rainy or foggy outside, your contacts won’t be affected. And, unlike glasses, they also won’t steam up when it’s super hot outside.

3. You Can Still Express Your Creative Side

Perhaps you love glasses so much because there are so many colors and shapes to choose from, allowing you to express your creative side.

Well, with contacts your creativity certainly isn’t squandered. There are a bunch of different colored contacts you can choose from.

Whether you want a subtle sky blue or a piercing purple, contacts allow you the chance to experiment.

4. No Need to Compromise Style

Unlike glasses, you never have to worry about your contacts matching your outfit.

Sometimes, a certain style of glasses can peg you into a certain style of clothing. With contacts, you never have to deal with this issue.

Also, have you ever spent what you felt were hours perfecting your eye makeup, only to have your glasses obstruct the view of your perfectly-stroked-on eyeliner?

With contacts, you never have to worry about anything getting in the way of people seeing your awesome makeup skills.

5. Comfort

No matter what type of eyes you have or what issues your eyes have, there’s a pair of contact lenses out there for you.

There are contacts specifically made for astigmatism, presbyopia, and even for those with sensitive eyes.

Often, glasses don’t have the ability to help with specific eye issues like contact lenses do.

6. They are Just Easier

Yes, with glasses all you have to do is plop them onto your eyes and walk out the door. There is no poking your eyes to get them to stay on.

However, the eye-poking actually gets really easy after awhile. And, it’s easier to do a lot of things in contacts, like workout, kiss somebody, ride a rollercoaster, dance in the rain, etc.

Plus, if you ever miss your glasses, you can always go back to wearing them for a day and then switch back to contacts the next.

With these reasons, it’s pretty easy to see why so many women are making the switch from glasses to contacts!

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