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Top 6 Important Traits a Great Aged Care Worker Should Possess

Taking care of older adults requires a lot of strength and commitment. It is an onerous responsibility that can be both emotionally and physically taxing. Being a caregiver requires a lot of devotion.

There are some common and essential traits that a caregiver needs to possess to succeed in their responsibilities. Here is a list of six qualities that will make you stand out and increase your job performance.


Are you caring? A caring nature is necessary when looking after older adults. Let the older adult know that they are not a burden to you by showing right actions to them. Make them feel secure, safe, settled and happy under your care

Have a desire to want to help them by showing both empathy and compassion. Help the elderly deal with their declining health and aging issues while still maintaining respect and dignity.

Tell them how much you appreciate them and give them your attention to this will provide them with purpose and bring a smile to their face.


Are you respectful enough? Respect is a great virtue that all caregivers must possess. Make sure to give older adults the respect they deserve by giving them privacy when required.

Allow them to have their time when dressing and be respectful enough to know how they are doing. Be polite to them. Always address them by using the name they want to be called. Do not interrupt their conversation and make sure you speak to them.

Being respectful may brighten not only their day but also yours.


Are you supportive? Make the older adults feel happier and supported by creating time to talk to them about their feelings. Always remember that majority of them have no family and therefore make it your habit to ensure that they are at peace with every situation.

Be a person that the older adult can count on. Offer assistance to them whenever they are in need. Remember every generous thing you do to make their easier will be appreciated.


Have you got patience? Older adults require a lot of patience. They are unable to do things as quickly as you may want them to. Ensure that you do not make them hopeless by being patient and improving your temper to be able to bond with them.

Always know that things may not go as quickly as planned and there may be little hesitation on the person receiving care. Be understanding. Put yourself in the other person’s shoe and figure out what it is like to ask another person for help.

Remember that a tendency of irritation does not work well with the elderly.


Are you responsible enough? Responsibility is an essential trait for a successful caregiver. Always take care of the things you have to such as administering medications at the right time.

Ensure that the older adult attends all the necessary appointments on time. A caregiver is responsible for essential duties and exercises independent decision making.

Remember that you are in charge of people who cannot manage themselves on their own and thus make responsibility your duty.


Are you flexible? Be able to balance between your schedule and the patients you are supposed to attend to. Make the older adult feel secure by availing yourself whenever they need you.

Have a flexible approach to different elderly persons because different people have different needs. Always know that unexpected events can happen causing the needs to change and therefore be prepared to go with the flow.

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Some people recognize the value of these traits and work hard in fulfilling them. These traits, however, do not make the job any more comfortable but instead contribute to the effectiveness of the situation and help deepen the bond between the caregiver a and the patient.

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