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Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends in 2020

You’re close to your wedding, and you can already picture yourself next to your groom as everyone cheers for your marriage. But then you wonder what kind of dress you want to get, especially if you’ve never swum into the ocean of options to choose from. Perhaps it might be a better idea to start looking into the plethora of ideas that other brides made for their own wedding dresses. There are plenty of dress designs that change the traditional look, yet they manage to be as good as what a normal dress looks like, if not better! With that said, here are five wedding dress trends you should check out in 2020!

1. Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Have you tried on a normal wedding dress and felt it would be too cumbersome during the entire day? You’d probably agree with the saying “less is more” in this case. If you don’t think you’d like wearing almost every article of cloth in a wedding dress, perhaps minimalist designs are perfect for you! They still have most of the traditional appearance intact, but the gowns are nowhere near as cluttered as they usually would be. If you don’t want a more elegant dress, ones going for a minimalist approach are certainly right for you!

2. Watercolor Dresses

You might be tired of seeing normal white dresses as you search for your favorite wedding dress. Do all dresses look the same? Thankfully no, because there are plenty of dresses that add a bit more color than before. These gowns are known to have watercolors on them, which lightly use a second color like pink or baby blue over the dress. You can choose a dress that a full tint of color or a transition where the white fades into a different color from top to bottom. Whatever the case may be, watercolors make for a lovely outfit should you want a unique look to your dress.

3. Corsets

Want to wear an outfit that somewhat reveals your curves? While it may sound strange at first, there have been many instances where brides wore corsets for their weddings. To give you an idea of what a corset is, they’re designed to tighten and shape your midsection. You will want to make sure that you plan ahead when dress shopping to ensure your gown fits with a corset underneath it. Some gowns can even have corsets built right into them. That being said, you’ll look great wearing one as it makes you look sexier while also maintaining the traditional looks that wedding dresses are known to have.

4. Feathers on a Wedding Dress

These almost have a bit more fluff to the materials that already make up wedding dresses, but the nicest thing about feathery wedding dresses is how feminine they feel for the event. You wouldn’t think they’d add to the look of a dress, but feathers are a trend some brides revisit due to the callbacks of times where women once had similar gowns in the past. This is a dress design that you’d love to wear if you share the same kind of interest in dresses like these. You can sort of see the inclusion of feathers on a wedding dress as reminiscent of a swan, which can make the thought of getting married even purer! All in all, feathers may seem like a thing in the past, but you wouldn’t want to hate on them if they make your dress look twice as attractive!

5. Sheer Wedding Dresses

Much like the previously mentioned corsets, sheer wedding dresses have a ‘revealing’ aesthetic to them. Unlike corsets, they offer a translucent appearance while the gown is still on. You can see through the material in some places, exposing what lies underneath. They add a new kind of sexiness to you, and you can still toy around with the appearance by adding any under garments to change the illusion somewhat. Wearing a sheer wedding dress makes the event feel unique and almost something that wouldn’t be done again! This is the kind of wedding dress you should get if you want to have an almost-nude look for gown as a way to present your beauty while still maintaining the fashion other brides would normally have.