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Top 5 Tips to Pull off Capris and Other Cropped Pants

Many people stay away from capris because they think it makes them look frumpy or like a tacky tourist.

However, capris unfairly get a bad rap. Even though they may not be as easy to pull off as a slimming pair of black pants, capris, when worn right, can look super flattering.

Bht, you can’t just throw on any old pair of capris and hope for the best. You need to make and conscious effort to style them so they look flattering.

Read on to learn the top five tips for pulling off capris and other cropped pants.

1. Choose the Right Length

Looking flattering in capri pants all starts with choosing the right length.

First things first, if you have thick or muscular pants, it’s best to avoid capri pants all together as they don’t tend to look flattering on this shape. However, a cropped length just above the ankle can look great.

For everyone else, you should opt for capri pants that end just below the muscular area of your calf. This is because this area is the narrowest part of your leg, and therefore therefore part you want to emphasize.

2. Width and Waist

Once you know what to look for in the length, it’s time to focus on the width and the waist.

For the width, you want to go for capri pants that have a slim fit and a straight leg. Check out these capris for summer to get an idea.

When it comes to the waist, you’ll definitely want to opt for a higher waist if you have short legs, as these will help make your legs look longer.

If you have a short torso, go for mid-rise capris as this will elongate the length of your torso.

3.  Consider Color and Pattern

When it comes to color, you usually don’t want your capri pants to be the star of the show. Rather, you want them to complement the rest of your look.

Therefore, it’s best to opt for ones that are a neutral color, such as black, dark blue, or white.

If, however, you do want to show off your bottom half more than your top, opt for brightly colored capris matched with a plain colored top. Wearing a bright top and bottom creates too much noise and often makes you look bigger.

4. Pair Your Pants With the Right Shoes

The right pair of shoes can really make or break your look in capri pants, so be sure to choose wisely.

If you’re short, you’ll want to avoid flat shoes, asq these can make you look stumpy.

Heels or wedges are always a great option, as they can help elongate the look of your calves.

As for color, opt for shoes that are either the same color as your skin or the same color as your capris, as this will blend well to also elongate the look of your legs.

5. Chill With the Frills

When it comes to pulling off capri pants, typically less is more.

You should shop for capri pants that have a simple, clean look and avoid ones that come with lots of extra frills such as drawstrings, elastic waistbands, crazy patterns, and big side pockets.

You want your capris to add to your look, not distract from it!

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