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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Mail Order Brides.

It’s one of the world’s most misunderstood services. Most people think of mail order brides as akin to female trafficking. This however is not true. It’s a sophisticated system. And you can find your lifelong partner though it, assuming you use it right. We’ll help you with that. Below, we’ll paint you an accurate picture of mail order bride systems by listing 5 interesting facts!

#1 – It Extends Back to the 1800s.

That’s right. It’s the world’s oldest form of international dating. Back in the 1800s, Americans used mail order bridges to marry overseas Eastern women. Female candidates for marriage were selected from well-developed countries. Why? Because this ensured that husband and wife shared a similar level of social standard (thus etiquette).

#2 – It Was Used to Solve US Immigration Problems.

200 years ago, most migrants to the US were males. The reasons were obvious. Back then, immigration was difficult. It wasn’t a multi-hour flight like it is today…

Getting from Europe to the US took weeks. And there were many safety concerns associated with travelling. So it wasn’t safe for women and children. Additionally, most migrants were people attempting to start a new life, abandoning impoverished conditions. And most of those people were men.

The Problem.

The US overflowed with men, but there weren’t enough women to balance the demographics. Mail order brides partially solved this problem. Migrants (specifically from Europe) would order either Asian wives, or ones from back home. This was done through sending letters and pictures, mediated by churches.

Similar to Dating Sites…

The only difference is speed. However, the focus of mail order brides has shifted today. Many prefer to date online, which is more convenient, since you have more control. Also, it’s not a way of solving immigration problems. Instead, it’s used for other purposes.

#3 – Today’s Mail Order Brides: Underdeveloped Countries.

Many mail order brides come from poorer countries. They include the Eastern Bloc (post-Soviet countries), Latin countries, and Southeast Asia. Women from those locations try to escape lower living standards. And an international mail order agency allows them to do so.

Everything is Done Online.

One problem faced by candidates is the language barrier. Two people meeting online might not share a common language. So the natural mediating language is English… Even then, English on either side might not be good. As a result, an agency that also translates interactions might be necessary. This is what many agencies do. Not only do they connect brides with seeking grooms. But they also ease communication. And speaking of agencies…

#4 – It’s a Regulated Industry.

Don’t worry about female trafficking. This isn’t a problem here (unlike with prostitution). Mail order bride communication is managed internationally. For example, you have the International Marriage Broker Act (2005). This US regulation forces background checks on US citizens using marriage brokers. And it meticulously checks visas of people who meet through such system. Another example is Canada. There, women immigrating as “mail order ridges” are recognized by law as “family class.”

What This Means For You.

If you’re looking for an international marriage service – make sure it’s certified. For men, it ensures the process is legal. And as your relationship with your candidate progresses, you ensure no paperwork problems popping up. For women, a certified agency is safe for you.

#5 – For Women: It’s Not Just for Better Economic Standards.

Some women register as mail order brides to avoid marrying back home. Vietnam is a good example. Women there prefer to marry Chinese Han men through agencies… Reasons for doing so include avoiding abuse, and that “Chinese men treat their wives better.” Now, this situation isn’t just unique for Vietnam-China. Many women choose overseas husbands for similar reasons. So for them, it’s not about the money. It’s about marrying into better behavior.

What This Means for Men…

Many men avoid mail order bride agencies. And the logic behind that goes…

“Most mail order brides see their potential husbands as cash cows.”

It’s important for men to know that this isn’t the case. Yes, for a bridge, marrying overseas can be a “get out of poverty” ticket. But you get to communicate with the other side. And often, you’ll find that they seek companionship from a better culture.

Time to Start Your Search.

Don’t shy away from using the system. And never be ashamed of expanding your options. If there aren’t any suitable wives back home, just look overseas. Because often, international marriages end up well for both sides. Not to mention, it’s a lifelong exotic experience!

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