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Top 5 Healthy and Nutritious Recipes for Your Family

A healthy happy family needs healthy meals to improve their eating habits and keep themselves nutritious and energetic to meet the needs of the family, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you love vegan or are vegetarian or non-vegetarian switching your eating habits to healthy meals is not a difficult task, especially when you are determined to do it not just for yourself but for your family too.

Here are some ideas for healthy meals that you can quickly introduce into your daily life and start seeing its results right away. These meals are quick to make and the best part is that you can fine tune these meals based on the likes and dislikes of your family and your kids. You can be as creative as you like with these meals or stick with the basic one – the choice is yours.

A simple cauliflower pizza

Let us be honest – who doesn’t love a pizza? Gone are the days when pizza only meant a thick bread at the base topped with loads of tomato sauce and cheese on the top. Today, the definition of pizza is creative and you can make a healthy version of pizza, which your family will still relish especially your kids. Here we bring to you a healthy pizza called cauliflower pizza.

A cauliflower pizza is a healthy twist to the pizza that your kids love – the base, in this case, is made of cauliflower and eggs that are together pressed into shape. This one is low in calories and will not make you full unlike a traditional pizza with loads of cheese topping. You can still reserve all your veggies or meat at the top, but simply changing the base from wheat to cauliflower will make this one of the healthiest meals you can think of.

A chicken or a vegetable fusion salad

There is always some chicken or vegetable left at the dinner table that you are tempted to put back in the fridge, but that never finds a place in the next meal. Be productive and add leftover chicken or vegetables to a fresh salad to make a completely new yet healthy meal for your family. A fusion salad is not just delicious and loved by all, it is also a great healthy meal that you can prepare with no effort at all.

You can add a range of elements to your fusion salad – ranging from sesame seeds and crunchy vegetables to chillies, ginger and mint. You can also add buckwheat noodles to it to make it more creative and appealing for the tiny tots in your family. In fact, there is a lot that you can do in a fusion salad. And when you think you have run out of ideas, look out for the holistic health coach in your group or online for new inspiration.

Spaghetti with vegetables

This is another classic that you can quickly transform into a healthy meal. Next time you make pasta for your family, use whole wheat to make your pasta and stir it with fresh herbs and aubergines. Add some lime zest to lift-up the flavour and you will create a healthy meal that the entire family will love. This whole wheat spaghetti is light and is just 40 calories, so you know you are eating something that is both healthy and delicious.

Mango yoghurt curry

Now, who does not love mangoes? Bizarre is the idea to substitute a full meal with a fruit, but not when you have a full meal in the form of mango yoghurt curry. This fruity recipe is very quick to make and is packed with healthy ingredients. In fact, for vegetarians, this is perhaps one of the best healthy meat-free meals that you can prepare. With a mango yoghurt curry, you can treat yourself with a meal full of flavour, spice and colour. Add some brown rice on the side to complete the meal if you like.

Beef casserole

A beef casserole can also be made healthy if you stick with a homemade stock instead of buying the readymade ones from the market. Cut the fat off the beef while adding to this recipe and you would be ready with a healthy twist on your favourite beef casserole. Add some swede and parsnips to lift the overall flavour and see how this can quickly become a dinner table favourite.

It does not take long to change your eating habits and start making healthy meals in your kitchen that everyone in your family loves. It only takes to start thinking creative with all your staple meals and dishes and replacing unhealthy ingredients with healthy yet tasty substitutes.