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Top 5 Hairstyles for a Classy and Professional Look

As a professional woman, you understand the importance of your appearance, but you also have limited time to spend rushing off to the salon every time you have an important business meeting, a business trip or a conference. While you may be happy to get your hair done professionally every now and then for an important occasion, you will want to find a classy, yet professional hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance to look good on a daily basis.

Picking the Right Hairstyle for You

The hairstyle you choose will depend on a lot of different factors. You need to choose a cut that will look good on your features and make you look presentable and well-groomed for every occasion. The look you choose will also depend on your job and the image you want to portray. Are you looking for an approachable and friendly, yet professional look or are you looking for a hard, no-nonsense appearance? It is important to get the right cut, whether you are looking for something new or are searching for the perfect easy-to-maintain style for work and personal time. Here we will look at some top choices for professional women in 2018.

The Long Bob with a Side Swept Bang

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for working women. It is simple to maintain, while giving a clean and chic appearance. It sits just on the shoulders and looks best with a bit of extra volume. Slightly bent edges with a deep side-swept bang that covers some of the forehead add to the style.

Low Side Bun or Chignon

A low chignon or bun, especially on the side can significantly improve your corporate image. This look works well if you have mid-length hair, which would be too short for a high bun. A center part with flattened and smoothed top hair, gives this style an even classier finish. It is graceful and neat, keeping your hair off your face.

Low Side Ponytail

If you have long straight hair, the low side ponytail can work well. It gives a no mess and no fuss look, keeping your hair off your face and tidy. This style is quick and easy to achieve at home, and looks professional while being low maintenance. If you’re looking to spice it up a bit, add a center part to make it bolder, yet still classy.

Simple Rounded Bob

The simple rounded bob can look elegant in any setting. It is neat and pretty, without being over the top. A side-swept bang is a popular addition to this style.

Loose and Wavy

This is a popular hairstyle which is easy to maintain and can be adjusted according to the look you are after. A center part gives a more corporate and serious appearance, while a side part looks more approachable. Both look modern, yet professional.

Low-Maintenance Professional Hairstyles from Home

It is certainly difficult to juggle your busy schedule to get to the salon for an appointment and to take time out of your work day or your leisure time to get your hair done. If you’re a busy working woman, you will want a style that looks good for every occasion, is quick and easy to achieve and lasts through the rain or humidity. For professional women, these hairstyles which can be simply maintained at home, are a big bonus. It is an even bigger win to find a service that comes right to you, at home, whenever it’s most convenient for you, making it no hassle to get that perfect hairstyle.