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Top 5 Most Followed Women Celebrities on Instagram

Instagram has listed out the names of the personalities who were most followed during 2016 on the basis of the number of people followed their pop culture. The list made for the accounts of top female celebrities for the first time by Instagram (at the occasion of its 5th year anniversary), who scored the highest number of followers, most liked pictures or most shared photos on the platform of Instagram. Amazingly, most of the highly followed celebrities are the pop stars.

Being a female dominating social media platform, all of these rankings are not much surprising. According to the head of the global programs of creativity at Instagram, Charles Porch stated that all of the top pop stars had caught the followers as they update the posts which are authentic as well as entertaining and this is the viewpoint developed by many people, particularly in the real time.

Here is the list is given below of top 5 females celebrities who are highly followed on the platform:

  1.    Selena Gomez:

The superstar scored the highest number of followers, which is 121 million and claims that she has got the eight out ten most liked pictures on Instagram in 2016. Along with this, Gomez also has got the largest amount of the audience expansion last year, raising the number to followers to 50 million.

Gomez had the difficult start at the social media – the pauses she got because of the mental illnesses – but being a young pop star, she has handled to catch the highly faithful wide stream of the followers on Instagram account. Either it is her latest events or any rocking performance, her fans get all the recent updates through this platform.

  1. Ariana Grande:

Recently, Ariana took part in the Dangerous tour for women, and her die heart fans could not resist buying the tickets to get the behind the scene looks of their favorite artists to snag the glance of her outfits for performance and to take selfies with her during the stops.

  1. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift is considered one of the most famous user of Instagram with the number of followers of 102 million, which is about 15% of the total number of the Instagram users of 700 million all around the world.

  1. Beyoncé:

She just stopped to give interviews during the last year with the covers appearing on the main pages of the New York Times and Vogue, without mentioning a single statement regarding this. The fans of Beyoncé are now happy to see her on Instagram and enjoy getting the headlines regarding the shenanigans about her vacations, her links with the First Lady and obviously the critical excerpts related to her early childhood.  

  1. Sarah Lahbati:

Being a young mother of her son named Zion, she has shown that being a mother can’t create any obstacle in the path of what you want to achieve in life. For Sarah, her passion continues to energize her while motherhood being a treat for her.