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Top 5 Most Followed Women Celebrities on Instagram

Technology has changed the life of every human being on earth and as the time progresses technology keeps coming up with new inventions and surprises. Social media is also something that is given to us by the technology, and if you take a look at it today with your full attention, you will realize how social media has changed your life and how easy it has made your life concerning communicating with people. Social media platforms have affected a lot of things, and one of them is that it has created a bridge between celebrities and fans. Communicating with your favorite stars was never this easy before today you can quickly reach out to your favorite celebrities through social media platforms. Instagram is one of those top social media platforms, and many celebrities are using this social networking app to share their daily moments with their fans. There are a lot of big stars on Instagram, and if you take a look at most followed celebrities on Instagram, then you will see that all of them are women. It seems like women are dominating this platform and their fans are crazy about them. Here below is the list of top 5 most followed women celebrities on Instagram

#5 Kim Kardashian

On number 5 in the list of most followed celebrities is Kim Kardashian. Kim is one of the most celebrities in the world, and she has been an internet sensation for some time. Kim has been in the news all the times, and many discussions and controversies have surrounded her. Though the model is keeping in touch with her fans on Instagram and you will often see her posting pictures with her family, pictures from her past and also whenever she is on a new shoot she keeps posting here gorgeous pictures. She has a following of 98.1 million.

#4 Beyonce

The big name in the music industry is the fourth most followed women celebrity on Instagram, and she is still killing it with her amazing voice and looks. Beyoncé has more than 99.7 million followers on Instagram today, and she will soon be having a following of 100 million. People have always loved her songs, and they still want to stay connected with her Instagram to know about her every moment. She keeps her fans up to date with her stunning shoots.

#3 Taylor Swift

A lot of you reading this article must be a fan of Taylor Swift and why not the singer has done fantastic work and her voice is beautiful. With a following of 100 million Taylor Swift is the third most followed celebrity on Instagram. Though you would not see much of her posts these days because she is working right now but still she keeps her fans up to date, and you will see her pictures on Instagram.

#2 Ariana Grande

Another singer who has been leading Instagram and is the second most followed woman on Instagram is Ariana Grande. Ariana has always shown her love for fans, and while she was on her recent tour, she made sure she kept her fans updated every moment because she believes that not everyone can get to her trip and all deserve to see her perform. She is excellent at taking stylish pictures, and her pictures make her fans fall in love with her even more. Ariana has a following of one hundred and three million making her the second most followed Instagram celebrity.

#1 Selena Gomez

Well, the no.1 spot belongs to the famous singer and actor Selena Gomez who once was your childhood crush when she used to appear on Wizards of Waverly Places. Selena worked hard, and today her songs are loved by fans from all around the world. Selena never fails to keep her fans updated, and her lovely posts are always loved by her fans. With a following of 117 million, she is the most followed celebrity on the platform, and you can call him Queen of Instagram.

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